Khalil Intensifies Inspection Methods at Beirut Port: No One Can Defy State Authority

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Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil emphasized on Thursday his determination to go ahead with increasing the inspection methods at Beirut Port.

He declared during a press conference: “No one can defy the authority of the state in its mission to achieve reform.”

He stated from the port that in light of the revelations of the corruption at the facility, all imports will be subject to direct inspections.

“We will only become more determined in our mission to introduce reform and we are ready to tackle any flaws,” added Khalil.

Earlier this year, the minister had kicked off a crackdown against illegal operations and smuggling at Beirut Port.

He explained that several companies issue fake bills in order to make profits and the general prosecutions have not taken action against them.

Furthermore, Khalil said that some officials are complicit with the violators at the customs agencies and they are helping them “cover up suspicious financial operations.”


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Thumb eagledawn 19 March 2015, 19:32

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Default-user-icon Vick (Guest) 19 March 2015, 20:18

Hizballah can .

Missing helicopter 20 March 2015, 01:00

Khalil Intensifies Inspection Methods at Beirut Port: No One except HA and Amal Can Defy State Authority

Thumb -phoenix1 20 March 2015, 13:05

Oh really Mr. Khalil, not even your boss Ali Berri Baba? It took you years to wake up from your slumber, now you're talking? OK, you want to be seen to be working as you should? OK, expose the thefts of your mafia boss Ali Baba Berri, well, just one of his shady deals will prove that you mean well. In the meantime stop pretending that you're talking to nerds, we're not all yellows or oranges, right?