Saudi Launches Operation against Yemen Rebels, Huthi Chief Calls for Confronting 'Criminal Aggression'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition bombed Huthi Shiite rebels Thursday in support of Yemen's embattled president, who headed to an Arab summit to garner support as Iran warned the intervention was "dangerous."

Defiant rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Huthi slammed the intervention as "unjustified", calling in a televised address for supporters to confront the "criminal oppressive aggression."

He also blasted Saudi Arabia as a "neighbor of evil."

President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi arrived in Riyadh, with officials saying he was on his way to Egypt to take part in a two-day Arab League summit starting on Saturday.

It was the first confirmation of Hadi's whereabouts since the rebels began advancing this week the main southern city of Aden, where the president had been holed up since fleeing the rebel-controlled capital Sanaa last month.

Their advance raised Saudi fears the Shiite minority rebels would seize control of the whole of its Sunni-majority neighbor and take it into the orbit of Shiite Iran.

Saudi Arabia launched the air strikes before dawn Thursday, saying it had assembled a coalition of more than 10 countries, including five Gulf monarchies.

The Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, said the coalition stood ready to do "whatever it takes" to protect Hadi's government.

On the eve of the regional summit in Egypt, Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi also declared full support for the strikes following a "coup."

But Iran reacted with fury, condemning the intervention as "a dangerous step" that violated "international responsibilities and national sovereignty."

- Fresh strikes -

President Hassan Rouhani said it amounted to "military aggression" and "condemned all military intervention in the internal affairs of independent nations."

After hitting targets overnight in Sanaa and elsewhere, the coalition launched fresh strikes late Thursday, hitting a rebel-held base in third city Taez and the airport and an arms depot in the Huthis' northern stronghold, officials and witnesses said.

Powerful explosions had been heard earlier in Sanaa as warplanes pounded an air base adjacent to the international airport and other locations, an Agence France-Presse correspondent reported.

In the evening, the coalition said the first wave of air raids was "successful", vowing to press on with the intervention until goals are reached.

Speaking to reporters in the Saudi capital, spokesman Ahmed Assiri also said that there were no immediate plans to put boots on the ground.

However he added that "if there is a need for ground forces, Saudi Arabia and friendly states are ready and will respond to any aggression of any sort."

The spokesman vowed that the coalition would not allow any supplies to reach the rebels and that no party would be allowed to back the Huthi rebellion.

Early on Thursday, Saudi forces "dealt with armed terrorist groups heading towards Saudi Arabia's southern borders," said Assiri. 

The Shiite Huthi rebels were on Saudi Arabia's "terror" list. 

He added that "all forms of aircraft" have been taking part in the strikes and that all of them had "returned safely to their bases."

The anti-rebel operation would continue "as long as needed" until "legitimacy" represented by President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi and his government was restored in Yemen, said Assiri.

Anti-aircraft defense systems, missiles and artillery positions "were completely destroyed" on the first day of strikes. 

Saudi air forces "completely" took control of Yemen's airspace "within the first 15 minutes" of raids, said Assiri.

Sanaa families streamed out of the capital seeking the relative safety of the provinces.

"I am leaving with my family -- Sanaa is no longer safe," said one resident, who gave his name only as Mohammed, as he piled his belongings into a minibus.

In the south, residents reported hearing explosions at the huge al-Anad air base, north of Aden, which was seized by anti-government forces on Wednesday.

Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television said the kingdom had deployed 100 fighter jets to the operation, while the United Arab Emirates had committed 30, Kuwait 15 each and Qatar 10. Bahrain said it had committed 12 fighters.

The channel said Saudi Arabia had also mobilized 150,000 troops near the border, while all civilian flights were halted at seven Saudi airports in the border region.

The government in Riyadh said it was boosting security on its borders and across the kingdom, including at the OPEC kingpin's crucial oil facilities.

Washington said President Barack Obama had authorized the "provision of logistical and intelligence support" for the campaign.

U.S. officials told Agence France-Presse Washington was looking at providing refueling and early warning radar aircraft to Saudi Arabia in support of the operation.

A Saudi adviser said the strikes had taken out Huthi air defenses and destroyed "numerous Huthi fighter planes," adding that the air force "has pretty much secured most of the Yemeni air space."

Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Morocco confirmed they were joining the campaign.

Egypt, whose government announced it was prepared to commit ground troops, said its air force and Navy were taking part in response to "demands by the Yemeni nation for the return of stability and to preserve its Arab identity."

But like Iran, Shiite-majority Iraq said it opposed the Saudi intervention, with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari calling for a peaceful settlement, as Lebanon's Tehran-backed Hizbullah accused Riyadh of "aggression" in Yemen.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held a conference call with Gulf ministers to discuss the operation and "commended the work of the coalition taking military action against the Huthis," a senior U.S. official said.

- 'No impact' on nuclear talks -

The Saudi adviser said his country's defense minister warned the son of ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, "who is commanding the attack on Aden that his forces face 'obliteration' if they continue their push" on the city.

Saleh, who resigned in 2012 following a year of nationwide protests, is accused of allying with the rebels, relying on the loyalty of many army units that he built during his three-decade rule.

Dozens of people have been killed as the Huthis backed by troops allied Saleh have clashed with pro-Hadi forces in their drive southwards.

Yemen has been gripped by growing turmoil since the Huthis launched a power takeover in Sanaa in February.

The Saudi-led intervention triggered a sharp rise in world oil prices on fears the conflict could threaten supplies.

Washington insisted the intervention would have "no impact" on nuclear talks with Tehran, as last-ditch efforts to reach a deal before a March 31 deadline were launched in the Swiss city of Lausanne.

"We have always been clear that the P5+1 negotiations are solely focused on the nuclear issue," a senior U.S. official told AFP, requesting anonymity and referring to the group of six nations engaged in talks.

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Thumb eagledawn 26 March 2015, 07:20

The Gulf States/KSA have every right to intervene and put an end to the sectarian iranian initiated take over of Yemen by the huthis. The huthis deceived, betrayed and toyed with every effort to resolve the crisis peacefully. The Arab coalition intervention comes at the request of the legitimate government and president of Yemen. One of the first things the iranian Huthis did was to flex their muscles by carrying out military maneuvers right at the Saudi-Yemeni border in a show of intimidation and allow Iranian planes to land at Sanaa airport.They are also eyeing to control Bab Al Mandab which is a threat to Gulf and Egyptian National security. Iran is intent on destabilizing the Kingdom and Arab air strikes while a bit late are welcomed strategic necessity and should continue round the clock to eradicate this iranian backed cancer. Let the Saudi/Arab top guns soar in their F-14’s and F-18’s and put an end to this iranian invasion.

Thumb ex-fpm 26 March 2015, 07:45

the Huthis use the same terror tactics as their brethren hezbollah in Lebanon. They reneged on the power sharing agreement that was signed months ago under US/UN/GCC sponsorship, took up arms, massacred people, put the government and the president under house arrest and expanded militarily. They are an extension of Iran and should be stopped.

Missing imagine_1979 26 March 2015, 07:24

A poltical solution was possible now shit begins...

Thumb justin 26 March 2015, 07:40

There was, but the terrorist iranians represented by the medieval huthis rejected the agreement and chose to take up arms and took the whole country hostage.

Default-user-icon Je Suis Flamethower (Guest) 26 March 2015, 07:53

Je suis Flamethrower, Je suis un Houthi, Je suis un terroriste

Default-user-icon defacto@samleb1 (Guest) 26 March 2015, 15:02

well said @defacto

Thumb kanaandian 26 March 2015, 07:32

Hope the Houthis drop them!
Go Iran/Houthis/persecuted Shias of the East!

Default-user-icon Kanaadian-shia (Guest) 26 March 2015, 07:37

you must be a persecuted houthi living in dahieh of Kanaada

Missing 26 March 2015, 16:10

kanaandian - Are you stupid? The Zaidis minority (Who are referred also as Shia but not twelver Shia) was in power under Saleh and for most of the last few hundred years. So how were they persecuted? And by whom? The population of Iran was indeed persecuted. They were overwhelmingly Sunni and were forced to covert to Shiism under the threat of death! So freaken grow up.

Missing 27 March 2015, 00:14

No I do not and I wish Arabs use their brain and reject this sectarianism that is destroying them and making them prey to every predatory power including Iran.

Thumb ex-fpm 26 March 2015, 07:46

they already did:) got vaporized!

Thumb kanaandian 26 March 2015, 08:15

i dont think so, the houthis have perseverance and determination.

it was a trick to get the devilish barbaric saudis involved, now the peace deal will happen and iran will have the pregottive to drop them for good.

the wahabi is a coward, what other people on earth send 4 year old girls packed with explosives to blow themselves up to murder innocent people??

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 07:37

Ca va chier. Total war between Iran and the Arabs. One would have expected the reactions it the Arab armies led by KSA to intervene in Yemen. What a shame.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 09:00

Such a shame with what is happening. Iran chose the confrontation as it has no other choice. Indeed to maintain the rule of the wily at el faqih the Iranian regime needs a confrontational "imperialist" external politics that it has been successfully implementing since the late 70's. One should never forget that Moussa El Sadr who was against the wilayat el Faqih but for a strong lebanese Shiite community loyal to Lebanon and not Iran was eliminated by this very Iranian regime.
Trop c'est Trop! The massive response this morning by 10 Sunni majority nations shows that extent of the confrontation with Iran.

Thumb marcus 26 March 2015, 07:51

President Hadi was quite a balanced individual and a moderate. He was ready to share power with the huthis and was fighting Al Qaeda. The Huthis backed, armed, and inspired by Iran had different plans. Their arrogance along with a bitter ex-president Saleh led them to commit a grave mistake. Bear the consequences now or come back to the table, your choice it is.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 07:55

Indeed the Shiite minority backed by Iran wanted otherwise. To take control of Yemen and impose a minority rule on the image of the Alaouite Assad regime. They were aided by a mainly pro Saleh and Huthis Shiite army.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 07:53

The corrupted wahabis will be met with stiff Resistance. The Saudis now aids Al Qaeda and Hadi at the same time.

Thumb marcus 26 March 2015, 08:03

i don't think you even believe in your own words.

Default-user-icon jaafar ibn iblees (Guest) 26 March 2015, 08:05

is that a martyred houthi iranian family in your avatar?

Thumb Elemental 26 March 2015, 08:23

Nice to see you support your native Iran mystic.

Default-user-icon Manar (Guest) 26 March 2015, 08:44

Dear Flamethrower
Thank you for contacting us through @Mystic and forwarding your impressive resume'. Your long history and experience in propaganda are impressive indeed and fit in well with our objectives. We look forward to working with you and ushering in a new era of selective and unbiased reporting.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 08:50

Mystic KSA does not aid Qaeda as you falsely write. KSA is the country that is putting the most effort in fighting Qaeda who is strongly implemented not only in Yemen but mostly in Ksa itself and presents a threat to the Wahhabi regime.
The issue is that the Huthis have undertaken a coup inYemen, refused any political solution but to overthrow the elected government and take the rule with the force of the arms. Not only this, aided by Iran they started threatening KSA. the reaction of the Arabs could not have been any different.

It is a shame that we are seeing this regional confrontation. Iran and the Shiite populations in the region are more progressist than the sunni populations in general. Instead of waging a war in the Sunnis, the Iranian and the Shiite population should lead the Arab societies into modernity and development. Instead they are leading those societies into confrontation and destruction.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 09:26

Yeah right. You seem very protective of the Wahabi kingdom, yet fails to recognize them being the main sponsor of ISIS, Nusra and Al Qaeda, they sponsor all these to counter the Resistance.

Default-user-icon mystic@full.disclosure@bill.the.butcher (Guest) 26 March 2015, 09:33

shu ya @mystic ya batal? see how heroic your huthis are now?

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 14:17

They are still fighting Mr. Takfiri, Saudis haven't won anything.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 09:17

Indeed. Report this morning re saying that theHuthis have run away and hiding b

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 09:48

Mystic I am against Isis Nusra and the Wahhabi ideology. I also believe that Shiite are more progressist and moderate than Sunni in general and that they can contribute very positively to the societies in the region.
I am also against the Wilayet el Raquih ideology that is leading the Shiite to adopt a political shiit islam and introduces extremism to the Shiite communities. Il furthermore I am against the imperialistic policies of Iran that is supporting militias in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen weakening the governments if those countries, fueling civil war and leading to confrontations in the regions

Thumb barrymore 26 March 2015, 08:09

Better late than never!
It would be interesting to see how basil will react at the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Sharm Sheikh prior to the Arab Summit..

Thumb barrymore 26 March 2015, 08:17

the legitimate Yemeni forces just regained control of Aden's airport.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 08:53

I guess bass will condemn the intervention in Yemen backing the officially elected government as he supports the intervention of Iran and the help of Russia against the 99pct majority elected Assad government in Shria

Thumb Elemental 26 March 2015, 08:27

The ongoing bloodfeud continues, now I wonder what the other long term implications mean. As mentioned before, Hizbullah are not Lebanese, ISIS is not Lebanese, so long as they keep their hatred of eachother out of my homeland of Lebanon, to hell with both of them. Keep up your extreme ideologies you tools, you'll get what you deserve...bunch of foreigners.

Default-user-icon tric.portugal (Guest) 26 March 2015, 08:42

when the lebanon army join the huthi army and defend the christhians of the east?

Default-user-icon Je Suis the_roar (Guest) 26 March 2015, 08:46

As a Shia follower of Khomeini I will forgive & pray for those who insult my Lords, Sayyid Hassan Nassrallah and Sheikh Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 08:55

An important development this morning against the spread of the wilayat el Faqih. Sudan who previously was supported heavily by Iran has declared the closure of all the Iranian agencies in Sudan.

Thumb ParvizAmir 26 March 2015, 08:55

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns this uncalled for aggression by the Saudi led alliance against the peaceful and democratic people of Yemen. We consider this aggression a direct interference in the internal affairs of a friendly country whose people are loyal to his holiness the Supreme Leader. The Republic stands ready to assist in any way possible including the provision of fighters, explosives, torture techniques, massacres, and electronic warfare.

Thumb Machia 26 March 2015, 09:01

Citizens from the same country are fighting one another and killing one another. Civil war for what? Are they going to be more properous? Are they going to have better standards of living? Are they killing one another for better healthcare and education?
Do they realize that they will all be losers?

Thumb the_roar 26 March 2015, 09:37

Congratulations to KSA for finally doing it on their own & not through others.

May this lead to a clash of heads between two bacwkward states that interfere in everyone else business.

May Iran & KSA finally meet & thrash it out...Once & for all, lets see who has more to gain & who has more to lose.

Both these backward countries & their rulers should stop sponsoring wars & start with one another.

Keep it up KSA, don't back down!

Thumb shab 26 March 2015, 11:15

This time I agree

Thumb the_roar 26 March 2015, 09:57

Yes they are iceman-norm/ita. they are so told this forum this tale everyday for the last 700 days straight.

If you don;t like their values for cross dressers like you, then go live in KSA..I hear they respect women & cross dressers their.

I await news when you moved to the freedom loving KSA, iceman-norma/ita

Thumb eagledawn 26 March 2015, 10:03

stop harassing norma and focus on the article. Your trolling and spamming this forum 700 times per day is pitiful. Go find yourself a life, in a dahieh of australia lol.

Thumb the_roar 26 March 2015, 10:04

I was agreeing with iceman..not harassing.

The question is...what are you doing?

move along stalker.

Thumb the_roar 26 March 2015, 10:07

He/she/it is an icon to all cross dressers, not just on this site.
Get your facts straight before you rush to post.

Thumb justin 26 March 2015, 10:19

do you ever have an interesting or clever comment to make except personal attacks. I guess somebody wrongly told you you are funny or smart. You always hijack the thread thru personal insults and attacks on posters. I agree, focus on the article and limit your comments to matters not persons.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 10:26

Looking forward to the ground invasion. If the coalition dares.

Default-user-icon jaafar ibn iblees (Guest) 26 March 2015, 10:30

is that a martyred jihadi huthi family in your avatar?

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 13:27

just know Egypt announced that 4 warships are on their way to Yemen. The coalition is daring my dear friend.

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 10:45

Well they seem to go after it mystic. 150 000 troops are amassed Navy Air Force and land troops. It looks like it is going to be a long a deep intervention to achieve two objectives. Suppress both the Huthis and the Qaeda militias that are both a danger to Ksa.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 11:25

That force was meant for the Ansarallah nobody else. Al Qaeda will continue as it did. Now this invasion will cost the Gulf. You will all see

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 11:29

That is where you are wrong! The Wahhabi el Saoud regime is the one deploying the most efforts among all countries combatting el Qaeda which is openly against the legitimacy of el Saoud who are accused of collaborating with the West.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 11:45

These airstrikes managed to kill many women and children, resulting in more people joining the Ansarallah movement.

Thumb ashtah 26 March 2015, 12:27

ufff mystic uffff. are you reporting from inside yemen? why as a lebanese are you so interested in the huthi yemenis and what happens to them. Is it because you believe in their vision, their advanced political and social system or is it simply because you are a sectarian and care about the great shia nation?

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 12:32

I agree with you that airstrike kill many women and children and that is horrible and condemnable.

I wish though that you would also condemn the airstrikes of the Bashar regime that are 1000 times more lethal against innocent civilians, since the Bashar regime is airbombing with explosive loaded barrels that are by definition not precise at all but used for massive and indescriminate killing.

That reminds me of the Syrian forces in Lebanon when they were shelling Achrafied in 1978. They were using Stalin organs onto Achrafieh causing so much indiscriminate killing and destruction.

My dear Mystic, you are full of contradictions. Your only logic is supporting Iran and its allies against the others and you will justify your reasoning in any stupid manner.

Thumb eagledawn 26 March 2015, 13:00

when syrian women and children get blown to pieces by assad barrel bombs and your hizb "very" accurate rockets, you and your likes on this forum described it as "collateral" damage. I guess the same applies here.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 13:43

You should ask the rest on this article why they care. I care for anyone fighting the wahabi kingdom. The ones to blame for the Syrian war are the gulf and west aswell.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 26 March 2015, 10:47

qui seme le vent recolte la tempete

Thumb megahabib 26 March 2015, 13:52

Last week it was ISIL, now it's Saudia. Anyone see a pattern? Like father like son...

Missing bigjohn 26 March 2015, 14:33

"He expressed belief that the Yemeni people will “agree on the Arab military intervention against the Huthi” rebels."......Really???? Where are the "Yemeni people" to defend the president? The President who was appointed by KSA and the hated Gulf puppet dictators in a one man election has no support among the Yemeni people! Assad has 10 times more support in Syria than this clown. I do not see ANY of the armed factions trying to help him.

Until recently, Yemen has had a bloody war for years MOSTLY between Sunnis. I wonder how the Saudi people who have been totally marginalized and brutalized by the Royal family feel about KSA's foreign interventions in Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, and now Yemen? This shows how scared and unsafe the GCC puppet dictators feel. They know if they send troops to Yemen (which means casualties) the Saudi soldiers will not fight. So they pay pilots to drop bombs from safe distance like in Syria and Iraq.

Missing bigjohn 26 March 2015, 14:58

It is NOT Iran's war to fight Israel, it is the Arabs war to fight Israel. The biggest obstacle to resisting Israeli aggression are collaborators ESPECIALLY collaborators with lots of money stolen from the people. Nasser's Egypt went after the kings because he saw them as traitors and an obstacle to popular movements. Nasser failed because Egypt was and still is a poor country with little natural resources.

If you have leaders in the Gulf who use their wealth to resist Israeli aggression (I am talking about mostly politically and economically) instead of brutalizing their people and spending tens of billion$ a year for Arab on Arab violence, the Arab mostly Sunni populace would not see Iran and HA as the most popular leaders in the middle east after HA resisted Israeli aggression and was backed by Iran.

Missing bigjohn 26 March 2015, 15:14

The KSA does not have any popular support. It is an absolute Monarchy with no political parties whatsoever and an increasing poor population who will rise against the Royal family and overthrow them. The rest of the Gulf royal families will then collapse. Who ever replace them will be Sunni AND will have control over the Natural resources. The KSA foreign minister used to say that Israel is the Key for Iran in the middle east. The Royal family ONLY uses their stolen wealth from the people (militarily, economically, and politically) against their people and ANY possible foreign alliance that threatens their rule. They ONLY bribe individuals and institutions in the world that praises them and do not show any interest in their people, Palestine, or ANYTHING else whatsoever. If they did not have the Natural resources under their control, they would not last a day and would be the laughing stock of the Arab world Unlike any Secular or Islamist parties.

Thumb Mystic 26 March 2015, 17:33

Indeed, Saudis think they can win everything through there money. These honorable Ansarallah fighters have beaten them back before, they will do it again. Their Revolution can't be conquered it is time for the Wahabis to feel the blood they spilled, because they will be drowned in it.

Thumb freedomarch 26 March 2015, 18:38

Iran dhould be free of people like you. I wonder what happen to free citizens that were caught singing "I feel happy ... happy happy ~ ~" in Tehran? Those iranians yes we like ..not People like you with Revolutionary Guards scum.

Thumb megahabib 26 March 2015, 19:48

What a hypocrite, Syrian bombs bad, Saudi bombs good?

Thumb freedomarch 26 March 2015, 18:33

INDEED, it is most welcome.

Thumb freedomarch 26 March 2015, 18:40

Iran should be free of people like you. I wonder what happen to free citizens that were caught singing "I feel happy ... happy happy ~ ~" in Tehran? Those iranians yes we like ..not People like you with Revolutionary Guards scum.

Missing people-power 26 March 2015, 21:21

Houthie militias failed miserably in Tikrit, and have been booted to the curb, while Iraq and Solemani now begging for help from Amrika.

Missing people-power 26 March 2015, 22:13

Get ghostery for chrome

Missing people-power 26 March 2015, 22:15

It makes my day to see you so angry

Thumb Shark 27 March 2015, 00:36

KSA vs. Iran. I vote for KSA.

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 27 March 2015, 01:36

The beginning of the end of the Iranian crescent, the Syrian terrorist regime is next.

Default-user-icon Professor (Guest) 27 March 2015, 02:03

It is fair to say that it will be more fun to watch the second generation of House of Saud as they find their way in regional and international politics. King Faysal believed that the stability of the regime and its preservation requires resort to secrecy and caution in pursuing Saudi regime interests around the world. That is why the royal family perfected the art of dissimulation especially in Arab-Israeli issues (it supported Sadat behind the scene while funding the anti-Sadat coalition at some points). This war is also an American war: it is a gift from the US to the GCC countries who didn't like US policies in Egypt, Syria, and Yemen.

Default-user-icon Professor (Guest) 27 March 2015, 02:06

The Saudi regime is now pursuing the Israeli option: that it will now be more clearly aligned with the Israeli interests in the region and that it will also be aggressive and violent in pursuing regime interests. Qatar and UAE were the first to openly and officially participate in an open war in Libya, and Saudi royal family didn't enjoy watching the Qatari prime minister lead the Arab League from 2010 to 2012. The Saudi regime took matters in its own hands and decided to pursue an alternative policies in Egypt. On every issue in Arab politics, the Saudi regime is aligned with Israel. Make no mistake about it: Israel is the secret member of the GCC coalition bombing Yemen.

Default-user-icon professor (Guest) 27 March 2015, 02:09

In the 1960s, the Saudi regime ignited the war of Yemen to thwart a progressive and republican alternative to the reactionary immate regime (and Israel supplied weapons to the Saudi side in that war). In this war, the GCC countries are supporting a corrupt and reactionary puppet regime created by Saudi Arabia and the US.Saudi Arabia never allowed Yemen to enjoy independence. It saw in itself the legitimate heir to the British imperial power in peninsula. The Huthis are a bunch of reactionaries but who were created due to the very policies and war pursued by the Saudi regime in Yemen and their then puppet, `Ali `Abdullah Salih. South Yemen had the only Marxist state in the Arab wold and the experiment was sabotaged by the reactionary House of Saud.

Default-user-icon professor (Guest) 27 March 2015, 02:11

There is an entertainment value to this war as the Saudi regime actively and openly launches war on another Arab country. Who does not want to see, yet again, the Huthis humiliating the Saudi army on the battle field (look up the last battle with the Huthis on Youtube when Saudi soldiers ran for their lives). And who does not want to see a Saudi royal brat leading his army to yet another humiliation on the battle field. In all the Yemeni war, the Saudi regime always sponsored the option that guaranteed more longevity for war and destruction. This is no exception. I have never thought that the demise of the Saudi regime would be expedited by the 2nd generation of Saudi princes.