Aoun Says Capable of Restoring Stability in Lebanon, Urges Unity

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun urged on Thursday the minimum amount of unity among the Lebanese to face the upcoming challenges, expressing belief that he is the only one capable of talking to all the rivals and restoring stability in the country.

“If the region reached a balanced state, then all the countries will benefit from it,” Aoun said in a lengthy interview with the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat.

He noted that Lebanon is compelled to have good ties with Syria its neighbor, but stressed that the “relations shouldn't breach Lebanon's sovereignty.”

“The relationship between Lebanon and Syria is between two peoples not two regimes... the political system could change, but whatever happens, ties with Damascus should remain good... the disputes between Syria and others shouldn't be imposed on us,” Aoun said.

Asked about Hizbullah's intervention in Syria, the Christian chief said that the threats along Lebanon's border compelled it to engage in battles in Syria.

“Our border wasn't tightly controlled,” Hizbullah's main Christian ally told the newspaper, describing the party as a “resistance” that is exerting efforts to safeguard Lebanon.

Hizbullah has deployed thousands of fighters into neighboring Syria to back President Bashar Assad's army as he battles insurgents who have been trying to overthrow him since 2011.

Aoun noted that the memorandum of understanding between the FPM and Hizbullah didn't harm any component in Lebanon, stressing that “no one should be excluded.”

Hizbullah and Aoun signed their memorandum of understanding in 2006 as part of their political alliance.

Concerning the presidential crisis, Aoun expressed belief that he “is capable of talking to everyone and restoring stability in Lebanon.”

“We are not in complete harmony or disagreement over the presidential crisis,” the FPM leader said, praising the dialogue between his party and the Lebanese Forces and that between al-Mustaqbal Movement and Hizbullah.

Aoun said that talks are focusing on finding a common ground, citing the “relative calm” in the country since the beginning of the talks.

“Tension has been defused... it is just the beginning of the end,” he told his interviewer.

Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal officials have been meeting in Ain el-Tineh since December under the auspices of Speaker Nabih Berri to defuse sectarian hostility linked to the war in Syria. Similarly, the representatives of the LF and the FPM have been holding talks to prepare for a meeting between Aoun and LF leader Samir Geagea and issue the “declaration of intent” between the two parties.

He expressed hope that he would meet Geagea “soon,” describing talks as “fruitful.”

“The veto imposed against my candidacy has been lifted,” Aoun revealed. “They should play fairly in order to find a new president,” he added.

Concerning the dispute over the extension of high-ranking security officials, the FPM chief said that “the situation in Lebanon could endure” the appointment of new figures.

He slammed the cabinet of Prime Minister Tammam Salam, saying: “If the government is incapable of appointing new officials then it should leave.”

Aoun stressed that ministers will not engage in a dispute during cabinet sessions over the successor of current Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji, stressing that “there are several competent replacements.”

He reiterated that he didn't nominate his son-in-law Commando Regiment chief Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz to succeed Qahwaji as army chief, but “that doesn't mean that I won't.”

“If my son-in-law is qualified then why wouldn't he be appointed?” Aoun wondered.

He told al-Hayat daily that the raising of the retirement age for military personnel “isn't the problem... but we should preserve the hierarchy.”

Roukoz's tenure ends in October while the term of army commander Qahwaji expires at the end of September.

Defense Minister Samir Moqbel and the Free Patriotic Movement were recently at loggerheads after Aoun decided to withdraw confidence from him over the extension of the term of the head of the Higher Defense Council, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Khair.

The military positions in Lebanon are suffering as a result of the months-long presidential vacuum in light of the parliament's failure to elect a successor for Michel Suleiman. The vacuum also threatens the position of Internal Security Forces chief Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Basbous who is set to retire in June.



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Thumb ex-fpm 26 March 2015, 09:02

Only a few days ago this unstable man admitted he is part of the iranian-syrian axis and now he claims he can restore stability to Lebanon. As to the borders not being tightly controlled in the past it was because you and your terrorist ally hezbollah refused to do so despite repeated requests from many politicians and political figures that you oppose. He continues to live in a fantasy world of referring to hezbollah as a "resistance". The whole world sees him and his hezb as tools of the larger iranian scheme in the region that extends as far as the huthis in Yemen.

Default-user-icon roukuz (Guest) 26 March 2015, 09:12

I often think of you and your aliases as you lay in pieces and tranquility at your final resting place in Yemen dear flamethrower..... RIP Shia Hero

Thumb geha 26 March 2015, 09:13

aoun is proving once more he cannot be a president who "talks to all sides".
he is an iranian pawn, thus he is on one side and the others are on the other side. he cannot reach to the other side as he is bound to his iranian masters.

Missing thatisit 26 March 2015, 11:32

aoun's first attempt should be to restore his own "MENTAL" stability ..

Missing greatpierro 26 March 2015, 09:32

Aiun has admitted openly that he joined hizbollah axis against the Sunnis in Lebanon. He has systematically attacked the Sunni community and its leadership. He should not have done this. His rapprochement with the Shiite community is welcome but not against another community he could have made a rapprochement with the communities of Lebanon to reduce the communitarian tensions and bring about a peaceful climate in Lebanon politics. Instead he has chosen the confrontation to reach his goals of power bad such he has lost any legitimacy amount many lebanese as a unity and wise leader.

Thumb justin 26 March 2015, 10:27

He is pompous and destructive by nature.

Missing rami 26 March 2015, 09:44

Le chien aboie, la caravane passe.

Thumb thepatriot 26 March 2015, 16:12

J'ai envie de relire les Iznogoud...

Thumb the_roar 26 March 2015, 09:44

God bless the only true Lebanese Christian leader.

The General of Generals.

Missing humble 26 March 2015, 11:21

Any Christian who supports a traitor, is a traitor himself.

Missing thatisit 26 March 2015, 11:33

Churchill..almost lol

Thumb -phoenix1 26 March 2015, 19:57

If Aoun is the only true Christian leader, if he is the general of generals as you said, then you ya Boar must be our newfound Field Marshall and new Cardinal, all confounded into one. I see a good future for you my dear coil-sprung Kangahoutie especially since you live in Beirut yet feel more like being down under.

Default-user-icon Disgusted.... (Guest) 26 March 2015, 10:43

Go find a rusty phone pole in Rabieh, get on top, sit on it and rotate... you senile old lunatic...

Thumb Maxx 26 March 2015, 10:43

The "General of Generals" abandoned his men who were willing to die protecting him, not protecting an empty Baabda Palace, he was on a plane into a comfortable exile while they were being executed en masse, and then he returned to Lebanon and allied himself with their killers.
Seriously mate, this is the character you so much respect and want to become a leader of the nation? Think man, think! You cannot pretend to be ignorant of all these facts.
And though I appreciate and respect your continued loyalty to the same person on Wednesday as you were on Monday regardless of all that happened on Tuesday, but do take the time to think about who your true loyalty should be towards: An octogenarian politician or the people and nation of Lebanon.
Killo 3ala ba3do, huwwè w seerto Aoun ma byiswa 2osba3 2ijir any of those valiant men who died in his name on the 13th of October 1990.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 26 March 2015, 10:56

Mr Aoun what you say is very diplomatic but unforntunately as president at 80 years of age I don't think you are up to the job by all means continue to represent your party but that's as far as you should be allowed to go we need youth with new ideas we are sick of the old world for gods sake we are in 2015 people have had enough of the old guard .

Missing humble 26 March 2015, 11:24

All those who support Ebola are agents to Iran, the caporal supports Ebola therefore the caporal is an agent to Iran.

Missing orangutaoun 26 March 2015, 12:06


My name Aoun, Pharaon
from Haret Hreik
Give me a break
They think I am houthi, not so toothy
Since I lost my teeth at eighty, so long matey
But here I am , cuttin deals with the hizz
None of your biz
my sons an imbecile , no really he says " I'm Bassil"
Closer to "I'm Bassij" collectin dough from Iran
I ran to london to buy a villa, Killa min amwali , min umm... wali el fakih
Shimm el ri7
I am the Son in law of the orangutaoun, protesting in downtown
I love Iran, visit Rokinabadi and
he was Rockin ma Body!
But you know I his bitch
bassils got an itch
in his pocket
like a zelzal rocket
he flew to tehran
then he ran
to the bank
the FPM stank
to high hell


Thumb justin 26 March 2015, 12:19


Missing orangutaoun 26 March 2015, 12:24

the truth always is. Thanks

Missing coolmec 26 March 2015, 13:30

Very nice indeed!! very funny

Thumb -phoenix1 26 March 2015, 16:36

Brilliant!!! Love it.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 March 2015, 01:23

M14, no I prefer grilled kangaroos.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 March 2015, 14:32

This man Aoun is a contravention of all security norms. For a person that should have been cloistered between 4 solid reinforced concrete walls, surrounded 24/7 by shrinks and exorcists and prevented from making any human contact, it still baffles normal wisdom why on earth he heads a political movement, owns a TV station, papers, and all sorts of industrial and service industries repartitioned between his family cronies. This man, the traitor, the shoe sole of Syrian hegemony is the very one who brought Lebanon where it is today, yet he still has the courage, the cockiness and the arrogance to talk. May God rid us of this evil man soon.

Default-user-icon bou jamrah (Guest) 26 March 2015, 14:49

Micho should first work on restoring stability within the FPM. Nowadays every time he sneezes a bunch of FPM officials and many of the relatives start elbowing their way up to the front to try to get into his Herman Miller first.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 March 2015, 16:05

Decades ago this ignominious lunatic Aoun promised that he would liberate Lebanon from Syrian occupation and hegemony. What did he do but hand them over the only noble bastion of resistance to them? On the eve of his Baabda squatting, he promised that he would fight to the last kitchen corner, even using the last kitchen knife. What did he do early morning but dash away faster than a Ferrari to the French embassy leaving behind family and men who trusted him? When he returned back to Lebanon in 2005, he promised transparency and accountability in that famous speech of audit, what did he do then but now own between him and his closest family circles a big chunk of Lebanese industry? Now again, what is this evil man promising?! No way, no but thanks, once a liar, always a liar. Once a coward, always a coward. Once a snitch, always a snitch. Go find a burial parlor ya Aoun, it's the best place for people like you.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 March 2015, 16:20

People, yaaa jame3a, take a look at this very picture, ya 3ammeh, this is the face of Satan the devil, this face is the face of evil.

Thumb beiruti 26 March 2015, 16:49

Why do you keep reporting what this guy says?? Is it good for newspaper sales or hits on the internet site? How many times does he have to say that he is the ONLY solution to all that ails the Middle East before you will all just stop paying him any attention at all?

Thumb the_roar 26 March 2015, 17:17

Maybe because he represents the Majority of Lebanese Christian voters?

Or would you rather listen to Geagea, Gemayel & Dori Chamoun?

lol@ m14ers who are born haters & cannot accept the truth.

Thumb beiruti 27 March 2015, 00:17

Aoun represents the majority of Christians? How do you know? Had any elections lately? M14 people do not hate, but they do know the truth when they see it. And it's not Aoun, he is not even aquatinted with the truth.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 March 2015, 01:26

Aussie talking to himself again.