Report: Saudi, Egyptian Officials 'Annoyed' with Bassil's Disassociation Statements

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Saudi Arabian and Egyptian officials were reportedly “annoyed” with Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil's remarks at the Arab League summit that Lebanon is committed to its policy of disassociation from regional disputes, said the daily al-Mustaqbal on Sunday.

The officials were bothered that the policy did not coincide with the Arab consensus on backing a coalition to combat regional threats.

They were reportedly asked to await Prime Minister Tammam Salam's statement at the Arab League summit ahead of jumping to conclusions over Lebanon's official stance.

Salam had declared during his speech on Saturday night that Lebanon is “keen on the joint Arab interest.”

He also voiced his “complete support” to any Arab position that preserves the sovereignty of Yemen.

The premier added however that Lebanon should “be kept neutral regional conflicts.”

The 22 members of the Arab League met in Egypt's Sharm al-Sheikh for a summit overshadowed by the Saudi-led offensive against Yemen's Huthi rebels to discuss a joint-Arab military force to confront "terrorist groups".


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Missing lqu7 29 March 2015, 09:34

Get a life, lady.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:43

You should rather go and ask imbassil, the little gangster about the house he bought in London for 16 million pounds...then may be you can GET A LIFE.

Thumb freedomarch 30 March 2015, 02:46

Lqu7, How dare you? Did she harm you with anything? She is entitled to her free opinion. After all, she brings the truth and the female touch and all the news from her Iraqi friend. Indeed, yali esta7ou matou. Leave Norma alone.

Missing lqu7 29 March 2015, 09:34

Good, let them be annoyed and then some.

Missing 29 March 2015, 09:51

I wonder what they can do if they get annoyed too much and some. I am sure there are hundreds of desirable job opportunities waiting in Iran that Lebanese expatriates in those countries can take. I am sure that Iran can deposit billions of dollars in the Lebanese central bank or arm the Lebanese army to the tune of $4 billion.

Missing lqu7 29 March 2015, 11:43

Lebanese working abroad in khaliji countries are making money from their own hard work. The khalijis aren't giving away anything. Ma trabehna jmele 3a at3eb ghayrak.

Thumb eagledawn 29 March 2015, 09:54

your IQ of 7 is commensurate with your two comments so far: "Get a life, lady" and " Good, let them get annoyed".

Missing lqu7 29 March 2015, 11:41

Really? That's the best you can come up with?

Thumb lebanon_first 29 March 2015, 10:35

We have the right to have the position we want. It is noone's business.

Thumb barrymore 29 March 2015, 11:56

yes we do, but not Bassil's own version of what the Lebanese people want.

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 11:18

Good thing we have honest members in the foreign ministry. Not some Wahabi stooges, we do not all want to eat out of dusty gulf hands as you all do.

Missing lqu7 29 March 2015, 11:44

That's all the M14ers want, to dance like monkeys for the Bedouins. They cannot stand it when someone with dignity tells them "no".

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:47

Because you think Iran is better?
When will come the day you will dare to say that both KSA AND IRAN are back aged models.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:45

Because you think Iran is better?
When will come the day you will dare to say that both KSA AND IRAN are back aged models.

Thumb -phoenix1 29 March 2015, 21:40

You meant to say that you're happy ya Mystic that you have lapdogs who for a variety of reasons and common interests to you are holding such a sensitive post as the FM? If honesty is something you gauge through a nothing like Bassil who literally did not even have enough cash to further his school education, today owns half of Batroun amongst other areas, then I would rather throw my vocab book and find something else,....or maybe you are the one that should, to me the word honesty is not measured in your ways.

Default-user-icon Jimmy-NY (Guest) 29 March 2015, 13:16

Iraq majority Shi3a you suppressed sunnis as you are with the majority, Yemen minority Si3a you want to take over the whole country and when Saudis interfere, you are against foreign interference, and you are with that same interference in Syria where you are protecting a butcher, a serial killer to say the least. are you not ashamed of all contradictions? is your belief based on fact or just lies? grow up as you eat what you seed, and you seeded bad deeds, you will eat $300 paid to you by iran just a fee to compensate you for being a loser.

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 14:52

hypocrit bassil... but then again what to expect from an idiot FPMer?

Disassociation? while he does not condemn whatsoever hezbollah's involvement in syrian affairs... or maybe hezbollah is not lebanese but iranian so his "Policy" does not apply....

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 March 2015, 15:03

Sadly this clown is allowed to speak on behalf of a nation, any nation what next for Lebanon? Clown leadership what a and end...

Thumb farsical.resistance 29 March 2015, 15:51

Sad and lonely, he misses seeing Caroline.. then his arms move under the desk, he imagines and loses himself in his dream world. A change of pants will be required.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:51

He is a gangster and a khadim to Ebola. This is what he is with his 3ammo caporal the mentally ill man.
Handing the lebanese plane to a mareedman is insane.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:54

All should ask imbassil, the little gangster about the house he bought in London for 16 million pounds...
Ask also the caporal who knows very well about it...

Default-user-icon Georges Breidy (Guest) 29 March 2015, 16:10

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Default-user-icon Âsif Hazm (Guest) 29 March 2015, 18:32

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