Saudi Ambassador to U.S. Lashes Out at Hizbullah, Accuses it of Supporting Huthis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Saudi ambassador to the U.S., Adel al-Jubeir, slammed Hizbullah for depicting the Yemen crisis as a sectarian conflict, accusing the party and its longtime ally the Islamic Republic of Iran of being behind the Shiite Huthi rebellion in Sanaa.

“In Lebanon, Hizbullah controls a state, and we do not want such a situation to develop in Yemen through Huthis,” al-Jubeir said during a symposium at the U.S. Congress on “Chaos in Yemen: Analysis, diagnosis and prospects”, which was organized by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations in Washington.

He stressed that the “battle in Yemen is between good and evil and not between Sunnis and Shiites.”

“The Kingdom’s goal is to protect the legitimate government in Yemen from a group supported by Iran and Hizbullah,” he remarked, stressing the determination of the Saudi-led coalition to restore stability in Yemen.

He lashed out at Hizbullah, noting that the Huthis wouldn't have been able to advance without the support of Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Iran and Hizbullah.

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah unleashed a tirade against Saudi Arabia after it kicked off an offensive in Yemen, calling it "surprising and painful," and suggesting Riyadh would suffer a "humiliating defeat" if it didn't resolve the conflict through negotiations.

Riyadh has formed the largest-ever coalition of Sunni Arab countries to fight the Huthis, bringing together most of the Gulf monarchies, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and Egypt.

Aden, Yemen's main southern city and a last foothold of supporters of absent President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, has been shaken by more than a week of fierce clashes between Shiite rebels and loyalist militia.

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Thumb galaxy 05 April 2015, 10:40

Mr. Ambassador, this party of terror not only controls the Lebanese government, but is also arming, training shias in Lebanon,Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, and Syria and who knows where else. They are the Iranian sectarian regime and a tool for its schemes. Several Hizbollah terrorists were in Yemeni jails and were later set free by the Huthis. In the latest raids, many hizbollah terrorists were also killed. Many people wish you intervened much earlier and put an end to this cancer.

Default-user-icon LeboMan (Guest) 05 April 2015, 11:46

Honestly, it is a shame what those Iranian puppets are doing to the whole middle east. Iran wont stop using the Shia Arabs to restore "what they think" its rightfully theirs. Saudi Arabia never enforced their regime on us, yet, Hezz still wants to implement walayt alfaqh on us!

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 11:48

Ebola is a disease.

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 13:34

Yes, it will never become an Emirate AND it will never become an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN. put that in your brain.

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 05 April 2015, 14:11

Hear Hear

Default-user-icon Vulcan (Guest) 05 April 2015, 14:15

Democracy in Lebanon first if y'all are so anti turning it a emirate of this or that. Human rights for all your refugees Lebanon

Thumb Mystic 05 April 2015, 16:04

Keep crying wahabis. The support for the Ansarallah will remain, just like you supported Al Nusra and ISIS etc. This is payback time.

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 16:37

I am not a wahabi. But you are an Iranian agent and that is the difference between a patriot and a traitor.

Missing helicopter 05 April 2015, 18:18

The ones crying mystic are not wahabis, they are more Lebanese than you will ever be. They want a Lebanon free from Iranian Mullah control ..... you do not know what being a true Lebanese feel, you are happy with your Iranian masters.

Thumb Mystic 05 April 2015, 22:36

True Lebanese to you, are the traitors that would hand over Lebanon to ISIS & Israel with no resistance what so ever, you would gladly allow Lebanon to be consumed like that.

That is the reason you criticize hezbollahs intervention there.

Thumb Mystic 05 April 2015, 16:05

Saudis gets confused and panicked, when they realized their operation wasen't as perfect and well organized as they thought.

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 16:37

I am not a wahabi. But you are an Iranian agent and that is the difference between a patriot and a traitor.

Thumb freedomarch 06 April 2015, 13:58

I see your kids infront of the Escwa, If regret is needed we apologize for the coalition s mistakes, But Syria's and Irak's masacares on the hands of your filthy governments Are very ok and something that doesn't need any consideration.

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 16:39

They have become worse than vipers.

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 16:42

All these Iranian agents who come on the Naharnet blog, they know one thing : insult the Saudis and Wahhabis, they don't see that they are traitors because they are sold to Ebola and Iran.

Thumb cash.puppet 05 April 2015, 17:50

Thats one ugly sectarian Wahhabi

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 17:54

Bingo. You are still avoiding answering a direct question by saying silly accusations.

Thumb cash.puppet 06 April 2015, 19:10

bingo. you've been conjuring up imaginary scenarios in your schizophrenic episodes again.

Thumb Candice 05 April 2015, 18:15

lol @full.disclosure the secular.

Thumb ice-man 06 April 2015, 05:12

With your good looks, have you considered modeling as a career?

Thumb freedomarch 06 April 2015, 14:00

Is that an a behind in the avtar?

Missing humble 05 April 2015, 17:56

All of you who are Ebola and Iran followers accuse others of being wahhabis. If wahhabis are traitors, you ALSO ARE TRAITORS.

Thumb -phoenix1 05 April 2015, 18:16

Alas Mr. Ambassador, we Lebanese have long since lost our respected resistance and we voiced that clearly a long time ago too!! What was once a loved, trusted and respected resistance is now an army of mercenaries for causes that are anything but Lebanese, should that surprise you Mr. Ambassador? Now you ought to figure it out as you will find them everywhere fighting wars that are not theirs anyway. Surely you ought to have their leader's phone numbers, call him and have a few frank words with him.

Thumb Mystic 05 April 2015, 19:00

Phoenix it amuses me to see, that you finally jumped out of the closet to pledge allegiance to Saudi Wahabi Arabia. Yet you denied the Lebanese Forces open relations with them.

Default-user-icon jaafar ibn iblees (Guest) 05 April 2015, 19:08

is that a martyred huthi iranian terrorist family in your avatar?

Thumb -phoenix1 06 April 2015, 03:22

Mystic, what amuses me even more is the fact that you're judging people without any shred of evidence to support you claims, but then why am I not surprised my brother? Ahh, because that's so typical of Hezbollah, the FPM and its partisans. FACT: You guys aren't trained to think rationally, just trained to detect opinion that doesn't sound music to your ears and give it a label. But you see my dear, for labels to stick, you need glue, and here you have a serious shortage.

Thumb Mystic 06 April 2015, 16:57

The Saudis are the ones that funds and support Al Nusra & ISIS, through their tons of dollars Phoenix. That you support the Saudis in Yemen and rejects Nusra, makes no sense.

You are starting to not make sense anymore old friend. I believe this was an agenda you had.

Thumb cash.puppet 06 April 2015, 19:11

Right. The age old "attack one side" and ignore the other, then claim to be neutral trick. Classic.

Thumb freedomarch 06 April 2015, 00:01

Iranian Islamic Rep Public, Center of training best Rev. Guards and agents on missions in all over the place including This Sample above. Kannandian are you shiea Canadian? BECAUSE the pledge is for the Queen Elizabeth unless your name is messd up.

Thumb freedomarch 06 April 2015, 14:01

Those are your make, something your5 proud of it seems, shame on them first and you all the time.

Thumb whyaskwhy 06 April 2015, 09:29

That could include most men in Iran to have a young voluptuous wife of the ripe old age of 6. Then again whats the difference to them they are treated humanly and equally like their sheep. on the other hand women have about the same rights and respect in Saudi so there you go be happy :-)

Thumb freedomarch 06 April 2015, 14:27

@whyaskwhy, I salute your nutral and accurate observation to cultures that never ask why, if they do, they are gone. MOSTof Irans educated in the west would like to see strong Iran, but of a free modern and open society not throat shocking regime.