Hariri Deems 'Shameful' Use of Media to Attack Saudi, Warns of Iran's Plot to Turn Yemen into Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of the Mustaqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri remarked on Wednesday that Lebanon was “not in need of further problems created by Hizbullah”, the latest of which was dragging Tele Liban in the political and media battlefield in the country.

He condemned in a statement the use of “Lebanese media outlets to target friendly Arab countries and Saudi Arabia similar to the practices adopted by some suspicious voices and yellow journalism that want Lebanon to become a partner in antagonizing its Arab brothers for the sake of Iran and its regional policies.”

“Remaining silent over this issue is not justified, whether for the sake of dialogue, which we still seek, or for the sake of placing national interests above foreign ones, especially after witnessing officials from the other side of the divide being adept at jeopardizing these interests on a daily basis,” he added.

“It is unfortunate that Lebanon is being used to these ends, such as linking it to regional conflicts,” he lamented.

“It is unfortunate that some of our media have become outlets to the butcher Bashar Assad in harming a state that has only offered goodness to the Lebanese people and whose officials have only spoken well of it since Lebanon's independence,” Hariri said in reference to Saudi Arabia, while noting its positive role in helping end the 1975-90 Lebanese civil war and 2006 Israeli war.

“History will play witness to what Saudi Arabia presented to Lebanon and none of the poisonous voices will be able to alter or tarnish this truth,” Hariri stressed.

“Saudi Arabia's actions in the region stem from its belief in protecting the Arab identity and the rights of its people to security, stability, and development, as opposed to other countries, like Iran that seek to destroy this stability and turn Arab capitals into open grounds for sectarian and armed chaos,” declared the lawmaker.

“Ever since Iran sought to export its revolution to Lebanon, it has presented the Lebanese with division and fuel to stoke civil strife,” he noted.

“It transformed Hizbullah into an armed militia and military force led by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and operating independently from the state, its laws and legitimate institutions,” he added.

“It has become apparent to observers that Iran does not pay heed to Arab countries and their official institutions as much as it is interested in infiltrating societies and manipulating sectarian tensions,” Hariri stated.

Iran is working on empowering groups and parties that are under the wing the Revolutionary Guards or the strategic project of the Iranian agenda in the region, he continued.

“This was evident in Lebanon 35 years ago when Hizbullah came out of the Iranian womb and it is repeating itself in Yemen with the rise of the armed Huthi movement, known as Ansarullah, that grew out of the Revolutionary Guards fold in 2002,” he explained.

“Iran seeks to replicate the Lebanese scenario in Yemen where it has been fashioning the Ansarullah Huthi movement in the shape of Hizbullah in order to transform it into a pawn at the doorstep of Mecca and the Arab Gulf,” he noted.

“Saudi Arabia has sought to combat this plan, even though it took place at the last minute, through political means and calls to hold dialogue, but to no avail,” he said.

“It consequently resorted to military operation Decisive Storm to prevent Yemen from committing the same error as Lebanon did,” Hariri added.

“Lebanon has been dealing with this error on the basis of safeguarding national interests, averting strife, and preventing further Iranian meddling in our daily life,” he explained.

“It is our duty not to remain silent over the ongoing error,” he demanded, while reiterating calls to keep Lebanon at a distance from regional wars.

“It is our duty to also not remain silent over the major and minor voices that are harming Saudi Arabia and its leadership,” he stated.

“Saudi Arabia knows very well that Lebanon will not sell its Arab identity to those who seek to harm it,” he stressed.

“The Lebanese people know that the kingdom will not abandon it no matter how high the harmful voices are raised,” he declared.

Hariri made his statement on the wake of the outrage over Tele Liban's airing of an interview with Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Monday during which he renewed his harsh criticism of Saudi Arabia and its role in the region, most notably in Yemen and Syria.

Nasrallah declared that Saudi Arabia will suffer a “major defeat” in the Yemeni conflict, as he stressed that “the war on Syria” has failed.

“Saudi Arabia will suffer a major defeat that will have an impact on its domestic situation and the entire region,” he told al-Ikhbariya in an interview that was broadcast by Tele Liban.

Saudi Arabia began its airstrikes in Yemen on March 25, announcing that it had put together a coalition of more than 10 countries, including five Gulf monarchies, for the military operation to defend Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansur Hadi's government against the Shiite Huthi rebels.

The military move against the rebels triggered fury from Saudi Arabia's regional rival Iran, Hizbullah's main regional ally, with officials in Tehran warning that the military action threatened to spill over into other countries.

Critics of Tele Liban, Lebanon's official state television, said it had violated its objective media reporting by broadcasting an interview by Nasrallah from Syrian television.



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Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 08 April 2015, 11:50

between the Swedish prime minister and president Obama and you mr harriri , the right and independent mind will believe the words of the two western leaders
god bless democracy

Default-user-icon msharafieh not ashrafieh (Guest) 08 April 2015, 14:25

well said

Thumb chrisrushlau 08 April 2015, 19:59

Lebanon can choose to give the Shia majority civil rights now peacefully or have it imposed on you a bit later. By "Lebanon" I obviously refer to the four or five warlords who cash the checks from KSA and NATO.

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 20:03

Giving the shia civil right? can u enphasise? Elaborate? What civil right more than sunis do u think they diserve?? This if u are talking about parlementary seats (in 3 rd ; sunis and shia will get both more seats while christian less)....
Or were u thinking of a civil state with civil mariage? Gender equality?... Hezbos wanted that all that time and we just didnot get it???

Thumb -phoenix1 08 April 2015, 20:30

Chris, dreams are free, so you keep dreaming, like the many many before you.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 April 2015, 20:32

chrisrushlau - The Shia are a majority in Lebanon. At most, they are the largest sect followed by Sunnis. But I seem to agree with you ' By "Lebanon" I obviously refer to the four or five warlords who cash the checks from KSA and NATO.' Those cashing checks from Iran hardly qualify as Lebanese.

Thumb Mystic 08 April 2015, 21:33

Saad Hariri speech -


Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 April 2015, 22:52

We can all agree that Hariri may not be the best speaker in Lebanon. But the prize for the demagoguery goes to:


Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 17:12

Exactly man how smart are u, and to counter actack iran ordered their secular guy to not go to parlementary sessions and leave the country without a president...

Thumb Mystic 08 April 2015, 11:59

M14 simply can't understand, that the free people wants to break the Saudi shackles tied to their legs, that is why the Saudi wahabis made such a desperate move on Yemen.

Missing greatpierro 08 April 2015, 12:04

Please Mystic what about the huthis shooting on innocent peaceful civilians demonstrating on the street against the armed agression of the huthis on public and government institutions? Is this freedom?

Thumb Mystic 08 April 2015, 12:16

What peaceful protests were those? They are armed people financed by Saudi and Hadi the fugitive. Saudi Arabia used tanks to assist the corrupted Bahraini government and rolled over protest camps there, nobody said anything back then.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 April 2015, 20:28

greatpierro - You must forgive Mystic. He is brainwashed.

Thumb ashtah 08 April 2015, 18:43

الهدف من بندقية حزب الله كان المساهمة بإنشاء مشروع ولاية الفقيه والامبراطورية الفارسية. أما مواضيع العداء النظري لإسرائيل والمتاجرة بفلسطين وقضيتها، فكانت جزءاً من عدّة الشغل

Missing bigjohn 09 April 2015, 04:47

samy your political points you raise are aqmazing. Did you pass 2nd grade?

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 April 2015, 12:02

Southern - Nasrallah expressed his opinion with a total disregard to the Lebanese national interest. Hariri expressed his opinion in the defense of Lebanese national interest. People can choose who to support! The difference between Hariri and Nasrallah is that only one is willing to impose his will in total disregard to the national institutions, drag the countries into war, overthrow government by force, assassinate opponents, ...

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:36

LOL ya ArabTheocrat, hariri only speaks in defense of his kind and master, don't forget he is saudi by birth and education.

And if he finds it "shameful" to use medias to voice opinions, why is he constantly tweeting verbal attacks and hate? Is it just his masters and kings that cannot be criticized?

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:37

his king* and master

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:40

And finally, I dont see what the problem would be if Yemen was "turned into Lebanon"?
If Yemen became 10% like Lebanon it would already be far better off than what the Saudis did to it. Nobody could do worse to Yemen than Saudis did by excluding them from the GCC because they are too poor, stealing their resources, and using them like slaves & cattle ( https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=867289179976370 )

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:48

“Lebanon has been dealing with this error on the basis of safeguarding national interests, averting strife, and preventing further Iranian meddling in our daily life,” he explained.

>> what meddling? all i see is oily kings giving us their "instructions" and placing their "vetoes" all over our political decisions

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:49

“It is our duty to also not remain silent over the major and minor voices that are harming Saudi Arabia and its leadership,” he stated.

>> that's the only thing he cares about, faithful puppy to his masters.

Default-user-icon CFTC (Guest) 08 April 2015, 13:52

@mowaten E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T. Still laughing. Thank you

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:58

sick minds... is it the same mufti who had this other fantastic idea?

Default-user-icon flamethrower (Guest) 08 April 2015, 14:26

do you know why the_roar and I appear and disappear at the same time?

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 16:38

ArabDemocrat.com....It is not about HA. Why doesn't the KSA and the UAE put them on the "terrorist" list the UAE (put everyone else on the terrorist list? because that would hummilate them because HA is the ONLY Arab entity that is taken on the number ONE enemy of the mostly Sunni Arabs that is Israel. The KSA wants to silence ALL critics because they feel unsafe despite their billions. They help secular, takfiri, Ikhwan outside the GCC to kill each other, but in the GCC they are the enemy. They consider their masses as the enemy and ONLY rely on paying people to work for them.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 April 2015, 20:27

Mowaten - All of those replies and you did not deal with a single point I made. Not one. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese work in the Gulf. Billions of dollars have been given to the Lebanese government by Gulf countries. Where is the national interest in alienating these countries? It shows yet again that Nasrallah and the HA care only for their masters in Tehran and not for the average Lebanese who is struggling to make a living in the impossible conditions created by Hezbollah.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 08 April 2015, 12:26

power to the people
god bless democracy

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 08 April 2015, 12:29

god bless president Obama

Thumb -phoenix1 08 April 2015, 12:59

(1). Here we are, Lebanese arguing against each other for the KSA and Iran. Interesting, very interesting how much heart you fellows put into it. I have yet to see one damn Iranian or one damn Saudi who argues with his own brother respectively for us Lebanese, not one, not now not ever. But we Lebanese, we're so good at it, the next thing is we will carry guns and shoot at each other because of the NON-Lebanese. Haven't we done that already for the PLO and Arafat? haven't we done that for Hafez Al Assad then continued in the tradition for his son Bachar? Haven't we shot at each other for Iran's Ayatollah's? Or for the Saudi kings? Or for the monarchs of the Gulf? Lebanon sure has a flag, an anthem, is made up of 10,452 sq.kms. Lebanon sure is inhabited by a supposed 4 million Lebanese, but Lebanon is not in the hearts of most Lebanese, what is in the hearts of most Lebanese are NON-Lebanese countries.

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 17:26

All Lebanese parties that got aid from other countries sided with that country. The LF fought everyone except Israel, even the uniforms they wore came from Israel.

Lebanon is NOT an island that is thousands of miles from everyplace else. It is DEPENDENT. It can not be independent because it will be swallowed up by the next power around.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 April 2015, 20:14

(1). BJ, you failed to read from history's records. The LF, then Kataeb did not choose Israel by sheer coincidence, that world you mentioned was all against us Christians. yes, you are right, Christians like most humans are divided, (circa Amal Hezbollah wars) to cite one of many examples of human nature. Bachir united our ranks, even if forcefully so and we lived under One command for years. We bought our weapons BJ, no one gave us much. We sewed our uniforms, and I was one who wore that uniform with pride for it represented the fight against those who wanted us Christians out of the way to make a substitute Palestinian state. Our disunity came about the agents that Syria used against us, Elie Hobeika or HK, the Michel Aoun or the Claoun. They tried first with HK, it didn't work, then they got us Aoun the claoun, and he did the job for Syria

Thumb -phoenix1 08 April 2015, 20:20

(2). BJ. HK is gone, wou Allah maye reddoh, but Aoun, ah yes, that evil claoun is still around and hoping to be president of lebanon, so that he could finish the job. But you see, that won't happen. You see BJ, Kataeb, Al A7rar, Al Rabtah Al Marouniyeh, in brief, the LF, they did not happen for the pleasure of it, it happened when Christians are cornered, the LF are the circled wagons of the true Lebanese Resistance and not some Charlie Chaplin comedy movie like Hezbollah. We don't aspire to build a micky mouse state, we step in to preserve it. I wish we were an island BJ, because we would not have had that trash called Syria or Iran or anything of the like peddling their rubbish on us. Finally, this is where you made your worst mistake by good BJ, no one can swallow us and hope to digest us, you forgot, we are Lebanese, anyone who tried to swallow us had to spit us out, look at Syria now, and you will understand why.

Thumb al.finique 08 April 2015, 20:51

phoenix bro, you are much older than me, i know. but why bother argue with these traitors who co-operate with the devil against their own. This so called john is a syrian baathist who forgets if it were not for the Lebanese Forces everybody in Lebanon would be speaking arabic with a thick Syrian accent. Cheers and Beers bro.

Missing bigjohn 09 April 2015, 04:18

Yes, the LF (Lebanese fascists) never got a penny from anyone? The American archives show that little hitler BG was receiving $8 million dollars a year from the CIA. if it was not for Syrian Baathists, you would have been defeated IN 1976 like you were defeated in the mountain war IN 1983 when no one came to your aid. Uniting Sectarian Christian fascists by force? Yes, like the Mafia to control other Mobs!

Thumb -phoenix1 08 April 2015, 13:01

(2). Hezbollah will fight for Syria and Iran, other Lebanese parties will fight for the KSA, hence and so forth, but who are the ones who will fight for Lebanon these days, whom? I guess the time has now come when we have to start our anthem with "Koulouna lil ghourbeyyeh, lil Houthis woul Wahabiyeh..." and put on our currency the heads of the Saudi monarch and Iran's Ayatollahs. OK, now people, watch how the accusations and counter accusations will fly, so predictable they have become.

Thumb marcus 08 April 2015, 13:16

The issue here is the use of Lebanese official media to stage attacks on foreign governments.

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 April 2015, 13:11

To me its a clear case of freedom of the press as I don't believe anyone has the forceful right to silence the press. If a person or group feels that the story is libel or untrue then we do have courts and they are kept busy. If Mr Hariri believes President Nasrallah went to far then he too can do the same thing. Afterall its Lebanese to be able to have the last word let him call president
Nasrallah a sheep herder or something and lets move on. Sick and tired of their continued bickering and alliances to Zulus or Nepal and we have no basic needs such as water and electricity. Oh but maybe this is more important huh?

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 13:43

I don't think saad believes in freedom of press, just have a look at his country saudia and see how free their speech and press are.
And he never complained about it, so I guess he is satisfied with it.

Default-user-icon elias abu saab (Guest) 08 April 2015, 15:08

ya mowaten you are a shining example of freedom of press. I love to read one article without having to see your disgusting propaganda polluting this forum.

Thumb eli-g 08 April 2015, 13:26

@ why ask why... please don't ask ;-)

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 April 2015, 14:12

I guess your right hence my pen name. I wish these guys with quite their silly squabbles and act like leaders not spoilt brats. On the other hand President Nasrallah places the nation at risk every time he opens up his bearded gob and needs to exercise a bit less Iran and more Lebanese.....

Default-user-icon Shabber (Guest) 08 April 2015, 13:41

Hariri is a Saudi dual citizen whereas Nasrallah is only a Lebanese citizen.

Default-user-icon Passport Control (Guest) 08 April 2015, 13:57

I was very impressed by your deep thoughts I had to commend you on your comment.

Thumb whyaskwhy 08 April 2015, 14:12

Nasrallah was born in Iran no?

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 14:18


Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 14:31

Naharnet censoring the Saudi mufti! They might get some complaints from the shareholders lol

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 17:15

Hass 1978, The Arab masses and the Sunni Arab majority see Israel as the enemy not Iran. But, the GCC tyrants do see Iran and not Israel as the enemy because they consider their people and the entire Arab world as their enemy even though publically they say otherwise and have relations with Iran.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 08 April 2015, 14:30

god bless the prime minister of Sweden

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 14:45

and here we see the quality of saudis and their supporters.

Thumb tric.portugal 08 April 2015, 14:46

“Lebanon has been dealing with this error on the basis of safeguarding national interests, averting strife, and preventing further Iranian meddling in our daily life,” he explained.

“It is our duty not to remain silent over the ongoing error,” he demanded, while reiterating calls to keep Lebanon at a distance from regional wars.

“It is our duty to also not remain silent over the major and minor voices that are harming Saudi Arabia and its leadership,” he stated.
when the Lebanon Army join forces with the Syrian Army Forces to fight the Daesh Saudi forces in the region?

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 15:44

Well tric thank you for not bringing "the christians of the levant" , really it is nice of you for a change..
Now to answer your question, probably never listen what aoun himself really think about assad and hezbos:

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 April 2015, 15:58


Default-user-icon mowaten.zaboura (Guest) 08 April 2015, 15:04

do you have a life other then being on this forum 24/7 making fake names and making yourself look good?? There is a life out there you know.

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 16:30

After you had a REAL PEOPLES REVOLUTION in Tunisia and Egypt where ALL parties secular, Islamists, and Christians overthrew the puppet tyrants and close allies of the Kings (and Bin Ali fled to the KSA)The Kings started to use their peoples wealth to try to save their skin from their mostly Sunni masses by hijacking the revolution. Under US orders they went after regimes who are not puppets of the US, the Syrian regime (who called them half men for criticizing the Lebanese resistance when the Arab world were cheering them) and Qadafi to show the Arab masses that the Arab uprisings are NOT only against puppets of the West and KSA allies. The GCC dictators spent billions to help Islamist extremists in Libya to overthrow qadafi and now they are spending billions to help "secular" army remnants forces defeat Islamists so Libya can be totally destabilized in a perpetual war. In Syria, they armed the Takfiri opposition for a perpetual war.

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 16:30

In Egypt, they have given billions to the secular puppet military regime in trying to undue the revolution. In Yemen, they have been involved by day one. After they saw the government they appointed was weak and withering away, they started bombing the Houthis to help the Takfiris to create a perpetual war because the Houthis are stronger than the Takfiris. The KSA has spent tens of billions of dollars a year to kill the Arab masses because they think this will help them control their people and stay in power.

Missing bigjohn 09 April 2015, 04:06

Samy...you belong on the debating team.

Default-user-icon candid (Guest) 08 April 2015, 16:36

Mr. Hariri:
Your inaction, gullibility, and poor leadership coupled with bad advice from walid joumblatt allowed hezbollah and Iran to take control of Lebanon. The Yemeni people are doing what you did not dare to do and that is standing up to the iranian style hezbollah and defending their country with blood. After they surrounded your residence on May 7th, you went to Doha and signed an agreement with them and later formed a joint government with them. You will never learn and if Lebanon is to get out of this crisis, you need to go and let someone else take the reigns.
Thank you and I hope you read my comments.

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 16:58

"Hariri Deems 'Shameful' Use of Media to Attack Saudi"....Yes, you can attack all Arab leaders, every Lebanese leader including Hariri, but you can not criticize the Saudi leaders! That shows how illegitimate they are because they have NO POPULAR support, they are the enemy of secularists, Islamists, Takfiris, everyone. They do not stand for anything, and they USE the massive oil and Gas wealth, not to empower their population and the Arab world, but to ENSLAVE and kill them .

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 17:08

Hariri: Oh, please HA, you have said that I work for the Interests of the Israeli enemy and all the names in the book, but please do not say anything about the boss I directly work for who made me an illiterate billionaire because without the KSA, I am NOTHING!

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 17:17

Bigjohn u seem frustrated, i'm sure all lebanese support democratic assad, secular hezbollah and very progressist suprem leadder ayatollah al khomaini... Don't listen to this wahabi hariri he wants to impose charia on us, nothing to be compared to baalbak/tyr fiestas organised by hezbollah...
And anyway the rest that donnot agree with nassy are just wahabi/zionists/imperialist/neo nazy...
Relax man, have some chupachups, chant some lebayaka ya nosrollah it will calm u down...
By the way talking about neonazy can u explain how come antinazy putin is backing far right europeen parties?...

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 18:01

Far right europeen right pro-orthodox? Man first it's nonsence (orthodox man?? Christians of the levent style?) the thing in comon would be fashism, homophobic, non acceptance of the others... Nazy style (u should read a litle about far right parties...)
Anw thanks for the debated, even if u are mixing stuff up it stays more elaborated than march 8 hassabalah group on this forum...

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 18:02

The word "Socialist" can be used by many different people with many different meanings like the word "Democratic" or "Secular". Putin or ("communist" China) is not Leftist. Putin attacks right wing "NAZI" groups in Ukraine by made alliances with rightists in other countries. But, that should not surprise us Lebanese. In the Lebanese National Movement, Karami was a Rightist, the SSNP was not Leftist, and the progressive Socialist party early on should that they are neither Progressive or Socialist, but a Feudal mainly Sectarian party.

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 18:12

imagine_1979 this article is about Hariri saying that NO ONE should criticize the KSA. I criticized HA for joining FM in blocking Civil marriage. I criticized Assad for barrel bombs and many other things when there was an article on him. I criticized HA for no longer supporting workers rights like they used to and have moved to the right on this issue. I called the elections in Iran as being NOT free and open. We are talking about the KSA bombing of Yemen. That does not mean that HA became secular, Assad democratic, and komaini progressive.

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 18:26

Bigjhon after all u said u still support this shiite sectarian millicia? ?
Do u know who are hezbos alternative to hariri in tripoli?? (Mikati sided later but the "patriotic parties under hezbos/march8 umbrella) hasem minkara and bilal chaaban!!!
Do u know how secular, how less salafist than hariri they are???
Bighohn please think it over and come for real arguments so we can go point by point...

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 18:27

And one more thing secular doesnot meet leftist, ump sarko and al. Are secular but not leftists..
But sectarians are worse than any imperialist/capitalist.....

Missing bigjohn 08 April 2015, 17:37

imagine_1979 You make it sound that ONLY supporters of Assad, Khomeini, Putin CAN CRITICIZE those I am criticizing. There is NOTHING socialist about Putin, Assad, or Khomaini. PLEASE criticize them and I will agree with you. But, please be more specific with your criticism. As a secularist, Calling HA secular does not mean much because Hitler was a secularist. Lets talk about the issues, and let the facts guide you instead of your emotions and do not be afraid to criticize anyone.

Missing imagine_1979 08 April 2015, 18:04

Hitler secular?? Man hating jews is not secular?? Sending thousand to death bc of their religion is not secular, man where did u learn what secular means???
I'm against zionism (that is a political stand) but not against jews (many zionists are not even jews!!!)
Man hitler secular???

Missing bigjohn 09 April 2015, 03:55

imagine_1979 hitler hates Jews because of their RACE not religion. Hitler is a racist and he does not care about religion. He considers jews as people of the non-German Aryan race. If you do not know what seculat means, then I am wasting my time here replying to you.

Missing bigjohn 09 April 2015, 04:03

Actually not ONLY you do not know what secular means, you know nothing about European fascists who are RACISTS....Race not religion. Musolini was also a secularist. And, you call yourself a 'Leftist" (why do I bother).

Thumb barrymore 08 April 2015, 17:13

the troll(s) having a field day today!

Thumb barrymore 08 April 2015, 20:42

just amazes me who has the time and energy to do this if he was not on someone's payroll. It is so funny because it seems to be done by the same person who creates a new account per comment and votes himself up. I read naharnet twice a day and I skim over comments to have a feel for what people think. For some time now, you will find the usual 2 yellow/orange posters and maybe 10-15 anti HA posters. Yet, the two usual yellow posters have 20 up votes:) Add to it the usual insults and derailing. Sure signs of weakness.. have a good evening.

Missing bigjohn 09 April 2015, 04:43

This is the ONLY news story I commented, and I am the only leftist here commenting because I am a democratic leftist who cares what other believe. I noticed over the years, those who want to have an intelligent discussion on this website give up and leave.

Thumb liberty 09 April 2015, 05:52

As a leftist why don't you go live in North Korea and practice your freedom of Speech instead of living in the USA posting at 4 a.m Beirut time.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 April 2015, 20:51

Maybe ya Southern, but Hezbollah and his little babies in the FPM starting from Aoun the claoun, they got the Ebola virus directly from a bad habit known as butt kissing, Iranian and Syrian butt kissing.