Report: Hizbullah Freezing Internal Affairs until Qalamun Battle Ends

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah will not tackle any internal Lebanese affair until it the end of the battle of Syria's al-Qalamun region, reported al-Jadeed television on Saturday.

An informed source said that “it is out of the question for Hizbullah to address any issue before the battle is resolved.”

A battle for Syria's border region of Qalamun is imminent as Hizbullah and the Syrian army are making the final preparations for the fight, media reports said Friday.

Hizbullah's preparations with the Syrian army are focused on a battle that will fortify Qalamun's villages and those on the Lebanese side of the border, they added.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah reported Saturday that six Hizbullah fighters were killed in Syria's Reef Latakia region on Friday.

They were killed when a residence housing ten party members was shelled.

The wounded were transferred to hospitals in Syria.

Some of the dead fighters were identified as Hussein Mohammed Nasrerddine, Bassem Tahmaz, Mortada Ali Youssef, and Hassan Jamal Taher.

Hizbullah announced Friday that the date and time of their funerals will be determined once they are returned to Lebanon.

Hizbullah has sent fighters across the border to aid Syrian regime troops in Qalamun and in several regions across Syria.

Its involvement helped the Syrian army recapture most of Qalamun from rebel hands.

The Lebanese army for its part has been battling Syria-based militants from al-Nusra and the Islamic State group who are entrenched on the porous border between Lebanon and Syria.


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Missing humble 02 May 2015, 11:27

Down with Ebola,Boko Haram, Al Quaida, ISIS, Al Nusra, Butcher, Iran, Israel, Hamas... and all armed entities which promote hatred, violence and wars have evil minds and souls.

Missing humble 02 May 2015, 11:57


The "International Committee" does not deal with terrorists, but helps the Army and those who can protect Lebanon by supporting the Army.

Never discuss with idiots they always win.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 02 May 2015, 12:07

humble ,you forgot to say down also to the funders of these terrorists
and the best way to get rid of all the terrorists and states sponsor of terrorisme is democracy
may democracy spread from morocco,till iran including the gcc countries
god bless democracy

Thumb Mystic 02 May 2015, 12:40

That is funny when you guys start playing al Nusra strategists, you believe they will loose more fighter than they did the past 2 years geha. You are in wonderland with Naharnet. This battle will be fun.

Default-user-icon tric.australia (Guest) 02 May 2015, 13:30

SOS.... SOS..... save the huthis in Levant.....SOS....SOS

Missing peace 02 May 2015, 14:01


Thumb Mystic 02 May 2015, 16:11

The Resistance is not afraid of death Israelwobass. I for one do not speak for anyone, I write what is one my mind and yes I support the Resistance but they didn't send me here on this side, you people are paranoid.
Second, if you actually believed in Jesus you would not fear death neither. You would support your brother Christian in the Middle East instead of supporting the takfiris against them.
The funny thing, that I see as fun. Will be when the Resistance cracks down so hard on the takfiris in Qalamoun that they wont ever dare to enter that place ever again, that too is a fact.

Thumb -phoenix1 02 May 2015, 16:23

Mystic, death will come to us all, one day or the other everyone will meet his final hours. But today in the land of the living, Hezbollah's declaration of today is termed as coming to terms with collateral, or better known as collateral damage. Now, this is the inevitable reality of things for Hezbollah, you've spent so much of your resources, human, financial and logistical fighting wars that are not ours, now you are obliged to do what is also known as a balancing act. Now such are the early signs of fatigue, like it or not Hezbollah has begun limping. Should you carry on like that, the wheelchair is next.

Thumb Mystic 02 May 2015, 16:34

Yes Phoenix, death will come for us all. It should be embraced as much as life itself. By the way, you phalangist are not in any position to do anything Phoenix, you rely on the Saudis only right now. You think the takfiris will love you and embrace you, when they enter Achrafieh? They will burn it down to the ground.

Keep on supporting that Phoenix, the Resistance is not stupid. If they didn't enter Syria, then Lebanon would be surrounded and be like a farm of cattle for the takfiris to slaughter. You probaly have no problem with that, but I do.

Thumb Mystic 02 May 2015, 16:37

4 Years ago, you also wrote Assad would be gone and Resistance was weakened. This battle experience in Syria made the Resistance 10 times stronger, now they know advanced Urban warfare aswell.
If the Lebanese Forces had an ounce of honor in them, they would be the ones guarding Churches in Syria and Christians there. But instead you sit on your butt and talk about the Resistance "failures".

It's the Resistance guarding Churches overthere now.

Thumb -phoenix1 02 May 2015, 18:55

(1). Mystic, 4 years ago, together with the FPM, you were the ones who predicted that the battle in Syria would be over by the following Tuesday, now let's see, it's 2015, how many Tuesdays would that make? Yes, I was one who believed that the Assad regime would fall sooner than later, but now, is it really able to hold on to territory? It is steadily losing ground, despite all the Russian, Iranian and HA help? Regarding the Phalanges, you ya Mystic seem so obsessed with us lately, going all the way to choosing adjectives picked up from the furthest reaches of your library, so here choose carefully between not able to do anything or, leaving you HA to do the job by yourself, the end product could end up the same anyway.

Thumb -phoenix1 02 May 2015, 18:57

(2). Mystic. Then that Resistance as it was gloriously known previously, now better known as the Army of Mercenaries, I am afraid that now it is stupid beyond any doubt after all we've seen coming from it, and all this came from all that testosterone that built up from your fake beliefs of power. Now sadly you will have to start contending with the words Collateral Damage, yours, not ours, and right you are, there's not much we can do for you anymore.

Thumb Mystic 02 May 2015, 19:15

All the phalangists does, is talking about matters that happend 30 years ago, now they willingly support Wahabism, "Arabism", and whatever else that is anti Resistance at the moment.

First it was Zionism, now it is Wahabism for you guys. When will you make up your minds? The Resistance will not pull out of Syria Phoenix, it is a battle for their survival not just Assads. You really think they will stop in Syria, be my guest nobody needs your help, I wouldn't accept help from a Phalangist and expect him to watch my back, it would probaly be stabbed.

If you guys are real Christians and support it around the globe, not just in your empty words. Then you should be the ones that went to Syria to begin with.

Thumb Mystic 02 May 2015, 19:19

What did I say in 2011 phoenix? I wrote the exact same as I do now. That it was a foreign conspiracy and that the Wahabis wanted to create a "caliphate" in Syria. Nobody cared back then, but they seem to do now.

You wrote back then, that it was a popular revolution for the Syrians freedom against Assad.
Ya3ni is this hurriye they have now? Killings of minorities, christians massacred and crucified. While we have you "brave" Phalangist not lifting a finger for them.

Thumb -phoenix1 02 May 2015, 16:20

In the middle ages, Portugal was part of the Crusades that came to the middle east to help Christianity. care yo do it again ya Tric? Now stop your double standards will you?

Thumb -phoenix1 02 May 2015, 16:25

Yes, certainly and I will echo that call too @07, but your clarion call is reason enough to call back your boys home and avoid the whole nation turning black.

Thumb tric.portugal 02 May 2015, 19:27

In the middle ages, Portugal was part of the Crusades that came to the middle east to help Christianity. care yo do it again ya Tric?
of course! Aoun to President!

Thumb shab 02 May 2015, 20:40

Anyone care to analyze what will happen if they lose in Qalamoun?

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 May 2015, 07:33

one way or another kizb will no empty light poles in the da7yieh as it would be filled up to the hilt with pictures of the protectors of Israel. Syrianam is something on the mind of every young kizb member right now, its only a matter of time before many of them look to emigrate to their traditional routes of Africa, Australia and or Canada. A much wiser move than to spend their summer in slippers on motorbikes.