Gunmen Shoot Dead Egypt Policeman


Two gunmen on a motorbike on Thursday shot dead an Egyptian traffic policeman in Fayoum, southwest of Cairo, police said.

The shooting comes a day after dozens were killed in North Sinai, including soldiers, in spectacular attacks waged by "the Sinai Province", the Egyptian affiliate of the Islamic State group.

The traffic policeman was also on a motorbike and heading home when the gunmen shot him dead. They fled after the assault.

Militants have regularly carried out attacks since the army's ouster of president Mohamed Morsi in 2013, and on Monday the country's state prosecutor Hisham Barakat was assassinated in a Cairo car bombing. 

Barakat was the most senior government official killed since jihadist stepped up their attacks after Morsi's ouster.

Militant groups say their attacks are in retaliation for the authorities' brutal crackdown against Morsi's supporters after his ouster.

Hundreds have been killed and thousands jailed in the crackdown.

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