Kyrgyzstan Security Forces Kill Four in 'Terror' Raid


Security forces in Kyrgyzstan killed four "terrorists" on Thursday during a rare raid in the center of the capital Bishkek, authorities said. 

"As a result of a special operation, four fighters were liquidated after putting up intense armed resistance," the security forces of the central Asian country said in a statement. 

Deputy Prime Minister Abdirahman Mamataliev said that law enforcement officers were "forced to use their weapons" in the raid in the heart of the mainly Muslim, ex-Soviet nation.

"The terrorists were dug in and started shooting," he said. 

Authorities said that four security officials were wounded in the stand-off, but gave no more information about those killed.

Reports of militants flowing from central Asia to join the Islamic State group fighting in Syria and Iraq have unnerved governments around the region.

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