Zoaiter Distances his Ministry from Possible Floods Caused by Waste


Public Works Minister Ghazi Zoaiter on Monday shoved off the responsibility of possible floods caused by waste dumped on the side of the streets on municipalities.

During a press conference he held at his office, Zoaiter said the trash dumped on the side of the roads and on the banks of rivers will cause a problem at the start of the rain season.

He urged municipalities to take action and stop the dumping of waste on the side of roads or highways.

Zoaiter said municipalities should choose land plots to dump the garbage there.

“It is everyone's responsibility to remove trash from the streets,” he added.

Zoaiter stressed that around 24 engineers are overseeing the work to clean sewer systems in several areas.

In October of every year, heavy rain causes floods and traps commuters in their vehicles over the authorities' failure to clear sewers after a long dry season.

This year, the threat of floods has increased over the waste crisis that erupted mid-July when the Naameh landfill, which lies south of Beirut, was closed.

Garbage has been piling up on the streets in Beirut and Mount Lebanon since then, and the government is yet to implement a plan to resolve the crisis.

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Thumb cedars2 14 September 2015, 13:47

And they complain that the officials dont plan ahead in Lebanon. This official is, he's planning ahead on who to blame when we drown in our cars due to blocked drainage systems.

Thumb -phoenix1 14 September 2015, 15:34

Cedars, there's a lot more to floods and waste than meets the eye. We are talking of mass contamination to the eco-system, all of it, from the water table to our marine life in its entirety, we are talking of cholera, and many other health problems associated with unmanaged trash seeping its way into the eco-system. I am afraid it will dwarf everything we've seen so far, unless we all move quickly and drop everything and find solutions. personally I find minister Shehayeb's proposal to be good, provided that in the interim durable solution are worked on and avoid a repetition of time wastage.

Thumb joeleb 14 September 2015, 16:39

I wonder who and why they are giving you thumbs down for your comment. These people really don't care about the environment or they just like cholera, I don't know.

Thumb cedars2 14 September 2015, 16:41

They are like a parasite joeleb, same as the people who brainwashed them.

Default-user-icon puppet (Guest) 14 September 2015, 16:58

I respect Mr. flamethrower, Mr. mowaten, and Mr. the_roar equally for their love of Minister Zoiater's plan.