Reports: Hizbullah Radars Can Track Israeli Fighter Jets

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah is using sophisticated radars to track Israeli fighter jets on reconnaissance flights over Lebanon, Israeli media, including the Hebrew Walla website, have reported.

The new technology can identify all Israeli planes, according to sources within Israel's security establishment. By locking on to the jets as targets Hizbullah can then fire missiles at them, they said.

In such an event, Israeli pilots can change the route of their jets, especially when they are simply on intelligence gathering missions, the reports added.

According to the Israeli media, Hizbullah has acquired the radar technology since Russia's entry into the Syrian civil war.

Syrian troops backed by Hizbullah have been advancing under cover of intense Russian airstrikes with the aim of besieging rebel-held parts of Aleppo, Syria's largest city, and cutting off their supply route to Turkey.

"The connection between Hizbullah, Russia and Syria have greatly changed the rules of the game in the region," a security official was quoted as saying by Walla.

"Hizbullah is indicating to Israel that it is ready for the next stage," the official added.



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Default-user-icon muhajir.the_roar (Guest) 15 February 2016, 10:36

thank you to the general of generals for supporting hezbollah and their radars that are used to track takfiris.

Thumb justin 15 February 2016, 11:41

and next stop no need for the Lebanese army.

Default-user-icon illiterate & illegitimate Southern @alien (Guest) 15 February 2016, 13:08

well said you always speak the truth no matter how hard they try to silence you.

Thumb Mystic 15 February 2016, 16:21

Yes, and the fact is aslong as the Western countries and Saudi Arabia are the sole suppliers to the Lebanese army, then there will never be sophisticated weapons in their stock.

Which is why we need the Resistance as a backup for the Lebanese Army, without the Resistance there is no free Lebanon, only empty promises by the corrupted and impure March 14 alliance.

Default-user-icon speekteezly (Guest) 15 February 2016, 13:09

well said

Thumb Mystic 15 February 2016, 16:27

Yes thirteen, you wouldn't mess with Israel, because March 14 alliance the ones you love are a bunch of cowards, always has been.