Nasrallah: Problem Solved Shall Mustaqbal Approve Aoun's Election

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed the need to hold Lebanon's presidential and parliamentary elections and said that the party will be ready for an understanding with al-Mustaqbal Movement when the latter approves the election of Change and Reform bloc head MP Michel Aoun, al-Akhbar daily reported on Tuesday.

“We have no other choice but to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections. We don’t have a problem with our allies but we do have one with al-Mustaqbal Movement,” Nasrallah confirmed at the annual meeting with readers of consolation on the eve of the holy month of Muharram.

“When al-Mustaqbal decides to go to the parliament and elect Aoun as head of state, only then can we reach an understanding with our allies. Today, we have a chance in the presence of two March 8 candidates for the presidency, we must not waste this opportunity by withdrawing the candidacy of Minister Suleiman Franjieh,” said Nasrallah.

“There are pledges that the parliament session scheduled on September 28 could witness the election of a president, but things are not clear now but they may crystallize in the upcoming days,” he added.

Referring to the cabinet meetings and how his ally the FPM have decided to boycott the sessions over a set of demands, Nasrallah remarked: “The cabinet must not fall. There is a need for the resumption of work and dialogue noting the needs of our allies.”

On the security situation, Nasrallah remarked: “The Lebanese can't bear shocks to security and stability. We must preserve the country's stability because this is the only option we have.”

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Missing humble 27 September 2016, 10:20

terrorist wrote : (and until now no one dared to respond to the dark ages culture):

The grand Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree forbidding women to ride bicycles in Iran because it is Haram.

He said, "Riding bicycle often attracts the attention of men and exposes the society to corruption, and thus contravenes women's chastity, and it must be abandoned,”according to the state-run media, September 10, 2016.
the Ayatollah issued the fatwa because he said the bike ride stimulates the clitoris and makes the vagina wet.
In his declaration a week before,when he spoke about the "direction of the state" and general policies on "family”; Khamenei defined women's only "role and mission" as "motherhood and housekeeping".


Who would want to live under a backaged culture? Do the Lebanese Shi3a want to go backwards along this kind of model?

Missing humble 27 September 2016, 10:23

Would we ever get a clear answer? Shame on those who accept and do not dare to reject.

Thumb Mystic 27 September 2016, 18:12

Accept Aoun to get a President. He is the best choice, and he have the most Christian support.

Thumb Elemental 27 September 2016, 19:51

Like you care about Christians...

Thumb Mystic 27 September 2016, 23:24

More than you do it seems, you support the ones that slaughters christians in Syria. Yes you support the Anti Assad salafi rebels that kills christians and burn their crosses.

Thumb Elemental 28 September 2016, 06:02

Mystic, you takia cheat...I DO NOT SUPPORT ISIS. You manipulative rat, you're both trash. You'll never break your programming, it's pathetic.

Missing humble 27 September 2016, 10:51

Yes indeed backward people...hope they can realize what is happening to them with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards infiltrating them and controlling them...

Missing humble 27 September 2016, 13:32

You are 100% right.
Why looking for democracy in a backaged culture???

Thumb eagledawn 27 September 2016, 14:29

The day this iranian sectarian terrorist is brutally murdered is the day we celebrate our independence.

Thumb shab 27 September 2016, 18:19

Ya Rab

Thumb sophia_angle 27 September 2016, 15:07

Taratatataaaaa General !!! Ya Baabda jeyike el 3izz !!!

Missing humble 27 September 2016, 15:08


Thumb gma-bs-artist. 27 September 2016, 17:51

What do you mean "Ya Baabda jeyike el 3izz"? You are confuse friend, the French embassy is no longer in Baadba, it has moved back to the Pine Residence in Beirut.

Thumb shab 27 September 2016, 18:22

The filthy murdering militia are slaughtering Syrians to revenge Assads killing of Lebanese during the occupation. Thank you.

Thumb Elemental 27 September 2016, 19:52

More Takia garbage.

Thumb marcus 29 September 2016, 11:02

filthy iranian thug