Lieberman Says Lebanese Army an 'Integral Part of Hizbullah'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claimed Tuesday that the Lebanese Army has lost "its independence by becoming an integral part of Hizbullah, which gives it its orders."

Israeli leaders frequently warn Lebanon that the country's army and civilian infrastructure would be overwhelmingly targeted if Hizbullah attacks from civilian areas in any future war.

Lieberman also said that Lebanon and Syria would constitute "one front" against Israel if a new war were to break out.

Hizbullah and Israel fought a devastating conflict in 2006, and the Lebanese Shiite group is currently backing President Bashar al-Assad's regime in the Syrian civil war.

Both countries border Israel to its north.

"In the next war in the north of the country, Lebanon will not be the only front," Lieberman said in a speech to soldiers.

"There is now only one front in the north composed of Lebanon, Syria, Hizbullah, the Bashar al-Assad regime and all those who help his regime."

Israel's military believes Hizbullah has between 100,000 and 120,000 short- and medium-range missiles and rockets, as well as several hundred long-range missiles, with the medium-range missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

Lieberman evoked the possibility of a simultaneous conflict in the north and in the south with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

"The battle will take place on the northern and southern fronts," he said. 

"There is no longer war on one front. It's our basic assumption and it is what our military is preparing for."

Since 2008, Israel has fought three wars with Hamas, which also receives support from Iran.

Israel has sought to avoid becoming involved in the Syrian civil war, but acknowledges carrying out dozens of air strikes there to stop what it says are advanced weapons deliveries to Hizbullah.

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Thumb eagledawn 10 October 2017, 17:10

Lieberman Says Lebanese Army an 'Integral Part of Hizbullah'

Mystic says:
The LAF and Hezbollah are one."

Thumb janoubi 10 October 2017, 18:19

It is not he who agreed with the enemy but you ya iranian troll.

Thumb janoubi 10 October 2017, 18:25

Mystic 24 August 2017, 22:02
The LAF and Hezbollah are one.

Thumb s.o.s 10 October 2017, 19:17

Mystic, are you referring to the LAF that wasn't allowed to obliterate ISIS on Iran's orders? Or are you referring to the LAF that doesn't arrest Hzbele fugitives but does harass regular Lebanese at checkpoints, screening for anti hzbele people? This is the LAF we rejectalked and condemn. We want an unbiased army, a real patriotic one, not like this bunch of buffoons used as Hzbele support as we saw in Abra.the videos are on YouTube

Thumb s.o.s 10 October 2017, 21:36

Shame on you mowateneed for your call on lynching our beloved Naharnet employees. This is unacceptable and hope you get banned for good under your 666 aliases. I hope Naharnet will taken this to the police and get political backup. The red has has been crossed and shouldn't go unanswered

Thumb whyaskwhy 10 October 2017, 23:52

Hypocritical response but are we surprised when the mind is so washed?

Thumb thepatriot 11 October 2017, 01:16

lol yuppies!!

Thumb thepatriot 11 October 2017, 01:16

very true though...

Thumb justin 10 October 2017, 17:27

Lieberman is simply confirming what Aoun has said on several occasions. Nothing new here.

Thumb shab 10 October 2017, 21:29

Israelis are out natural enemy and we expect nothing less and we know how to handle them. But the filthy murdering militia are the enemy within. They are the worst and must be dealt with firmly.

Thumb ansarullah 10 October 2017, 17:50

may god bless hezbollah aka the lebanese army, the last sanctuary for Lebanon.

Lan Tousba Zainabu Maratayyn

Lan Lan Lan

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 10 October 2017, 18:50

Sorry Lieberman that's not accurate and this is the proof

Thumb justin 10 October 2017, 18:57

read what al tufeili said.

الطفيلي: لا حل للأزمة ما دام آل الاسد في السلطة… والشيعة سيدفعون الثمن الأغلى
وليس بعيداً، وفي معرض تناوله مسألة العقوبات على “حزب الله”، لفت الطفيلي الى “انها جزء من سياسة الخداع كما كان يحصل قديماً، واليوم لا نعلم ما اذا كانت مهمة “حزب الله” في خدمة هذه العقوبات قد انتهت”؟

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 10 October 2017, 19:40

Lieberman is spot on. Facts are facts.
Aoun will live the day ( maybe not ) to regret his treacherous stances.

Missing un520 10 October 2017, 21:48

As soon as a full-blown war erupts between Israel and Hezbollah, the Lebanese Army will split up into one sunni/christian/druze-faction and one shiah.

Missing un520 10 October 2017, 22:28

Because only one of these factions believe in the Iranian project...

Thumb whyaskwhy 10 October 2017, 23:55

If you agree with Kizballah then you are with God and the seven heavens lol but if you disagree with them then your automatically a Zionist Buddhist with no hair on and your mother wears army boots! They are so brain washed that they believe anything the bearded goat or one of his many living prophets bellows out through his microphone at prayer time. What a bunch of hypocrites.