Berri: Elections are Definite, Ready to Secure Communication Channels with Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri assured that Lebanon's parliamentary elections will be held, as he expressed readiness to delegate a Lebanese minister to secure channels of communication with Syria in order to return the displaced back to safe zones in their countries.

“I am ready to secure a communication channel (between Lebanon and Syria) and am ready to assign a minister for that purpose if they wish me to,” said Berri in an interview to al-Ittihad .

“There are some safe zones in Syria that part of the displaced can return to. I am ready to delegate someone if they wish me to if the (Lebanese) government does not want to communicate with Syria,” added Berri, noting that official agencies similar to the General Security and Lebanese Army have contacts with Damascus that can be adopted as channels of communication.

On the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for May 2018, Berri assured that the polls will “unquestionably” be held, as he affirmed alliance of his AMAL movement with Hizbullah in the awaited polls.

Turing to his ties with President Michel Aoun, the Speaker said: “At this stage, President Michel Aoun and I have the best relations,” expressing keenness to provide any assistance needed to help the new term of Aoun.

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And since when is that your place Mr. Berri?