Berri Calls on Expats to Partake in Parliamentary Elections


Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday has voiced calls on Lebanese expats to register their names at embassies in order to take part in the country's parliamentary elections scheduled for May 2018.

“I urge all Lebanese expats to register their names at embassies and cosulates before November 21 in order to participate in the country's parliamentary elections,” said Berri in a press conference.

“Today Lebanon has won all the battles to prevent the marginalization of democracy. Your country calls on all Lebanese to recognize the parliamentary elections which requires the preparation of electoral lists in embassies and consulates of Lebanon abroad,” added the Speaker calling on expats to register before November 21.

“Lebanon calls on its sons to participate tomorrow in drafting its next legislative council,” he added.

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Missing humble 24 October 2017, 01:16

Participate? How? Can you please Clarify Mr Multimillion???