Geagea Urges Hizbullah's Withdrawal from Regional Conflicts as Solution for Hariri's 'Crisis'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said on Saturday that “if the March 8 alliance truly” wants PM Saad Hariri's return they would “withdraw from the crises in the region.”

“To all those of March 8 group shedding tears over Hariri's absence...If you truly want his return to Lebanon it only requires a single decision of withdrawing from the crises in the region,” said Geagea in a tweet.

Geagea's tweet came in reference to Hizbullah's involvement, without naming the party, in the crisis in Syria and other Arab countries as a power struggle intensified between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which backs Lebanon's Hizbullah.

A political crisis has gripped Lebanon and shattered the relative peace maintained by its coalition government since Hariri's stunning announcement on Nov. 4 from Riyadh that he was resigning.

Lebanese officials have insisted on the return home of Hariri from Saudi Arabia amid rumors he is being held against his will.

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Thumb Puppet 11 November 2017, 14:52

Dactor Geagea has earned my respect and captured my imagination for many reasons chief among them:

1) Vehemently opposing proportional representation
2) Vehemently supporting proportional representation
3) Having reservations on the Policy Statement
4) Having No Hostility towards Hezbollah
5) Abiding by the 3 No-No's Rule
6) Supporting a Made-In-Lebanon President elected by an illegitimate Parliament
7) Supporting a Strong State without the presence of 'Illegitimate Armed Groups'
8) His love for Algebra and Equations
9) Assuring us the Cedar Revolution is well and alive

Missing rami 11 November 2017, 15:04

I fully respect Mr. Puppet for having thoroughly gone through the article, and detailing the 9 points of Dactor Geagea.

Thumb doodle-dude 11 November 2017, 15:22

What @puppet writes is way above your level of comprehension but you could still try. +++ for effort though.:)

Thumb hakawati 11 November 2017, 15:27

Your imagination carries you away. I'm an atheist, there isn't any god, that's all foolish lies.

As for SG: He became a Ducktor of Terrorism at the University of the Lebanese Civil War and took up murder alongside his terrorism studies.

He should hold his tongue. He's a war criminal.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 11 November 2017, 15:30

lol & very lol @ I'm an atheist

Thumb galaxy 11 November 2017, 15:27

But Geagea is still clinging on to the 2-3 ministerial positions in the hezbollah controlled government and not resigning.

So, stop complaining and spare us your BS. !

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 11 November 2017, 15:29

lulz @ Geagea Urges Hizbullah

Thumb justice 11 November 2017, 15:47

All shia are atheists... Their only god is nassrallah.

Thumb tric.portugal 11 November 2017, 16:37

if iu want that Hariri return iu only have to do one think, give the lebanese nationality to all refuggies...

Thumb Mystic 11 November 2017, 17:58

Only way to solve this problem, is for Hariri to return to Lebanon.

Thumb janoubi 11 November 2017, 19:20

so when salafi wahabi hariri returns, lebanon will no longer be an iranian satellite and your hezb of terrorism and crime will no longer wage wars on arab countries and will hand over its weapons to the state?

Missing humble 12 November 2017, 00:17

Fact : More than half of the Lebanese people dislike or hate Ebola.
Fact : More than 90% of the Arabs hate Ebola.

Thumb doodle-dude 11 November 2017, 19:55

lol @ the wealthy shia Australian who travels the globe & has inside knowledge that no other person on this planet knows about.

Thumb liberty 12 November 2017, 03:46

More BS from the guy who was instrumental in making aoun president and handing over the country to iran and hezbollah.

Thumb warrior 12 November 2017, 06:09

Have some self respect and have your ministers resign just to support the rubbish you are saying.

Thumb gigahabib 12 November 2017, 16:13

Didn't Gaga, become angry when others negotiated with hostage takers in the past?

Hariri is simply a hostage now.

Thumb galaxy 13 November 2017, 10:55

according to the iranians of lebanon yes.