Bassil Calls for 'Isolating Conspirators', Slams 'Political Attack' on Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil on Friday warned of the presence of Lebanese “conspirators” who are involved in the crisis of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's resignation, as he slammed what he called a “political attack on Lebanon's stability.”

“There is an attempt to harm stability in Lebanon through the equation of confronting arms with arms, and there are attempts to block Lebanon's economic rise, which is something strategic for Israel,” said Bassil in a joint press conference in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

“Lebanon's stability is our top priority through enhancing national unity, and even if the Lebanese become obliged to isolate some conspirators in the domestic arena, we must continue the course that strengthens Lebanon and gives it strength, because the foreign attempts to undermine Lebanon will continue,” Bassil cautioned.

As for Hariri's return home, the FM added: “Should PM Hariri return to Lebanon freely, we will be ending a chapter of this crisis and Lebanon will prove its sovereignty to the world.”

Bassil warned that “the attacks on Lebanon's stability might take several forms.”

“What we witnessed over the past days was a political attack, but it could take military, security, economic or financial forms,” he cautioned.

During his meeting with Lavrov earlier in the day, Bassil warned of “an attempt to derail Lebanon off the positive track” and an “intimidation campaign aimed at frightening it and removing its elements of strength in the face of terrorism.”

In an interview with Russia's RT television, the minister noted that Hariri's resignation crisis was “part of an attempt to create chaos in the region.”

“Lebanon's premier was chosen by the Lebanese. If he errs, the Lebanese should hold him accountable and if he does good, the Lebanese should honor him,” Bassil said.

The minister noted that “Lebanon's stability is a prerequisite for Europe's continued stability,” cautioning that “harming Lebanon's security would have a direct impact on Europe.”

“Lebanon possesses enough ability to respond should we be put in a self-defense position, and Lebanon reiterates once against that it does not accept anyone's interference in the kingdom's affairs,” Bassil added, referring to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He noted that “Lebanese figures are involved in the events,” adding that “this is what the future will reveal.”

And ruling out a war in Lebanon, Bassil said Lebanon “paid a heavy price to establish diplomatic ties with Syria and will not abolish them.”

“We know the limitations of the relation with Syria and we are preserving the minimum of relations to protect Lebanon's ineterest,” Bassil added.

In response to a question, the minister also emphasized that Lebanon's Syrian refugee crisis “cannot be resolved without talking to the Syrian government.”

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Thumb marcus 17 November 2017, 19:47

Bassil Calls for 'Isolating Conspirators'

Isolate yourself first, Traitor!

Thumb norma-jean 17 November 2017, 20:07

The Houthians and the Fouthians are the reason my beautiful tiny country is suffering. The butterflies are dying, the bees are buzzing in chaos and the Rhinos are migrating.

Under this Fouthian, every Lebanese woman is in danger of being harassed and intimidated. I would rather have Harvey Weinstein as Foreign Minister instead of this Fouthian.

Thumb shab 17 November 2017, 20:41

loool @ Bassil warned,
Hariri gave them the bird