Netanyahu to Meet Macron on Lebanon Crisis


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris in early December for talks expected to include developments in Lebanon, Netanyahu's office said on Sunday.

In a phone call on Sunday, "President Macron updated Prime Minister Netanyahu with the measures he is taking in the crisis in Lebanon," the office said in a Hebrew-language statement.

"The two leaders decided to speak again in the coming days and to meet in Paris at the beginning of next month."

Netanyahu last visited the Elysee in July. 

On November 4, Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his shock resignation while in Saudi Arabia, citing what he called Iran's "grip" on Lebanon and threats to his life.

In a speech broadcast by the Al-Arabiya news network, he also accused Tehran of "creating a state within the state" and blasted its Lebanese ally Hizbullah.

He said Hizbullah was "Iran's arm not just in Lebanon but in other Arab countries too."

Iran rejected what it said were "unfounded accusations."

On Sunday, Netanyahu and Macron also spoke about the nuclear deal with Iran, its "attempts to set up bases in Syria and its activities in the region," the statement said.

It said Macron instigated the 30-minute phone call.

The French president has also telephoned his counterparts in the United States and Egypt, Donald Trump and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as well as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to discuss "the situation in the Middle East."

Hariri flew from Riyadh to Paris on Friday for talks with Macron, who is attempting to help broker a solution to a political crisis that has raised fears over Lebanon's fragile democracy.

France, which held mandate power over Lebanon for the first half of the 20th century, plans to bring together international support for Lebanon, depending on how the situation develops.  

Netanyahu has described Hariri's resignation and his comments on Hizbullah as an "alarm call" to the world about Iran's ambitions.

Israel, which shares a border with Lebanon, accuses Hizbullah of having long held the reins of power in Lebanon and of seeking to strengthen its role in neighboring Syria, where it is allied to President Bashar al-Assad in the country's civil war.

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Thumb Mystic 19 November 2017, 17:01

So now the enemy of Lebanon Israel, wants to ask Macron about everything the Saudis and Hariri told him.

The enemies of Lebanon are plotting.

Thumb barrymore 19 November 2017, 18:30

Why would Netanyahu want to learn from Macron what the Saudis told him? You said just yesterday Israel and Saudi Arabia are best friends?

Make up your mind troll.

Thumb shab 19 November 2017, 22:25


Thumb Elemental 20 November 2017, 02:36

He loves playing the victim, as well as his many, many, many, many personalities.

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 17:20

Macron atacking the Head of Lebanese State!!!??? The War against the Head of Lebanese State, the Cristhians, targueting from France!!!...France do not like, like the Saudis and Israel, that the Head of Lebanon State considers the return of refugies is the priority for Lebanon...Macron defendes that the refugies must have the lebanese nationality...Macron is a Daesh terrorist...

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 17:25

a International Coligation formed by Israel+Saudis+Arab League+USA+France, liderated by Macron, to do what the Saudis cannot do...change the Head of Lebanese State!!! the return of refugies do not must be the priority in Lebanon, like the actual Head of Lebanon defends and the Lebanes Patriarch !! Macron want´s to put in the Head of Lebanon a dog that defendes that the matter of the refugies can be delayed for indeterminated happens with the palestians refugies...

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 21:51

what the Salaphist Whaabis do to the Head of Cristhians in Lebanon was...pure Terrorism!! and have the support of France and a week that the White House say that the Daesh are losing...Convert or Die...The Saudis put a knife in the Head of the Cristhians in Lebanon and the White House and the Elyseus supported that action...

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 21:56

do iu know i the West is supporting the Whaabis Salaphist putting a knife in the Head of Cristhians in Lebanon!!?? is gift that the West wants to give to Israel for is 100 years of existence with a State!...Macron gonna fall...Macron the Eco of Saudis...

Thumb gigahabiib 19 November 2017, 23:48

That's a very good point boyfriend The mowatic.. humm, liwaten.. wot, mystaten.. err.. I mean The Mystic, the Saudis put a knife in the Head of the Cristhians in Lebanon. We have been lovers for almost two years and you still cannot pronounce Christians without cringing. I kind of understand it what with the Christians in Lebanon keeping you down by usurping your rights unlike us Syrian Christians. I like it how you and your friends now call Cardinal Bechara al-Rahi Hajj Bechara al-Rahi because he went to Israel and Saudi Arabia, lol.

Thumb s.o.s 20 November 2017, 00:58

France and Iran are in it against the Saudia

Thumb tric.portugal 20 November 2017, 01:34

the King of Saudis talking like that to the Head of Cristhians in Lebanon !!!??? After what is happening to the Cristhians in the region...when the King of the Saudis, the Guardian of Meca, the Militar Chief of the Sunni Daesh Army ( =Arab League ) atacks like that to the Cristhians in Lebanon...

Thumb s.o.s 19 November 2017, 17:24

How convenient

Thumb tric.portugal 19 November 2017, 19:22

when Macron visit the Head of Lebanese State in Lebanon!!!??? Italy must be the interloctor of Lebanese Cristhians...France only is a Eco of the Saudis...

Thumb Elemental 20 November 2017, 02:37

France is saying hi to your lover there Mystic/Movaten/tric.portugal.whateveryou'llnameyourself today.

Thumb tric.portugal 20 November 2017, 02:59

France is weaking the political power of the Cristhians in a fact!!! France is a Daesh State !!! the Saudis controls the Presidence of French Republic !!! the Saudis atacking the Head of Cristhians in Lebanon via Paris...Macron...when the Catholiq Army take of control of the State of France!!!? it´s high traiton a President of France weakness the Head of Cristhians in Lebanon!!!...the France of Darkness...

Thumb Elemental 20 November 2017, 07:21

Good morning Movaten.