Hariri Receives Congratulatory Message from Trump, Meets Abu el-Gheit at Center House

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Saad Hariri received a cable message from US President Donald Trump on Thursday congratulating him on the occasion of Independence Day in which he expressed the United States' “appreciation for the bilateral relations between the two countries and peoples,” Hariri's media office said.

In his message Trump pointed out saying that Lebanon has been a “strong partner with the United States in the face of terrorism and violent extremism,” stressing his country's steadfastness with Lebanon.

He said that the US will continue to support Lebanon's efforts to protect its stability and independence.

On a different note, Hariri received at the Center House in Beirut the Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abu el-Gheit and the accompanying delegation in the presence of former Minister Bassem al-Sabeh and Hariri’s chief of staff Nader Hariri.

“I was honored to meet with Prime Minister Hariri and we had a very positive meeting. I listened to his ideas and we agreed to meet at the headquarters of the Arab League when he visits Cairo. I am confident that the future will carry good things for Lebanon,” said Abu el-Gheit after meeting Hariri.

To a question on whether he believes that what happened as for Hariri's resignation and putting it on hold, he said: “It might be so.”

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Thumb tric.portugal 23 November 2017, 14:34

how many weeks day the Lebanese Cabinet to not have meeting after Hariri Crisis...

Thumb tric.portugal 23 November 2017, 14:37

why the prime-minister do not informed the Cabinet and the parlament the reason that was incontatable for the Lebanese political institutions or libanese political forces after the resignation...

Thumb tric.portugal 23 November 2017, 14:42

when Hariri was in a Saudi Kingdom that declares War against the Head of the Lebanese political system...How can Hariri negotiated anythink if he do not explain that...

Thumb Kalzyturks 23 November 2017, 22:33

I dont see anyone declaring war on the Lebanese head of state..Aoun.

Where did you get that idea from Tric.portugal

Thumb tric.portugal 23 November 2017, 22:46

when the King of Meca order to Hariri to resign...when the King of Meca are bloquing the process of refugies return...when...

Thumb Kalzyturks 24 November 2017, 03:28


Just like when there was accusations that he was held against his will
He was forced to resign
He was...
He was...

It was all white wash
Like your allegations against him


No one is blocking the way for refugees to go back until it is safe to do so.

No one ordered him to resign my friend.

Yes we want answers but false scare mongering and illogical arguements I do see here my mate

Thumb tric.portugal 24 November 2017, 04:30

if was not forced them is worst then i think...
"No one is blocking the way for refugees to go back until it is safe to do so."
yes, that´s why Hariri and Macron want´s to build a Mega Hight-Teck Mollembeq is Lebanon...with support of Macron!!! unfounded!!!?? A Prime-Minister of Lebanon incontactable after resign in Saudi Kungdom...or arrested or terrorist...