Maronite Bishops Urge All Parties to Abide by Govt.'s Dissociation Statement


The Council of Maronite Bishops on Wednesday lauded a government statement that reaffirmed Lebanon's commitment to distance itself from regional conflicts, urging all parties to abide by it.

“The fathers urge everyone to abide by this resolution in order to protect national unity, political and economic stability and security,” said the bishops in a statement issued after their monthly meeting in Bkirki.

They also thanked President Michel Aoun and “all national, international and regional leaders who intervened to resolve the crisis.”

Separately, the bishops stressed the need to hold the upcoming parliamentary elections on time.

Tuesday's government statement said that "the Lebanese government, through all its political components, dissociates itself from any conflicts or wars, as well as the internal affairs of Arab countries to protect Lebanon's political and economic relations with its Arab brothers."

Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced the withdrawal of his resignation after the agreement was reached on the “settlement” statement.

He had cited Hizbullah's meddling in regional affairs as a main reason for his stepping down.

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