Karam Slams FPMers 'Sowing Discord' between LF, Mustaqbal


MP Fadi Karam of the Lebanese Forces on Sunday accused some Free Patriotic Movement officials of “sowing discord” between the LF and Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s al-Mustaqbal Movement.

“At a time the LF is seeking to build its alliances upon principles, some FPM instigators are seeking to build their alliances on the basis of sowing discord between the LF and al-Mustaqbal,” Karam lamented in a tweet.

Hariri had on Wednesday described his relation with the Lebanese Forces as “good” while noting that it needs “some clarifications.”

“The press is blowing things out of proportion,” he noted.

The premier had sparked a storm of speculation on Monday when he said that certain “political parties” had stabbed him in the back during the political crisis of his surprise resignation announcement from Riyadh.

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