Mashnouq Says Mustaqbal 'Proud of' Political Settlement, Terror Plots Foiled


Al-Mustaqbal Movement is committed to the political settlement under which Prime Minister Saad Hariri rescinded his November resignation, Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq said on Friday.

“We are committed to the settlement and proud and convinced of it. I know that these words may dismay some people, but I always look at the blazes that are engulfing the region around Lebanon,” Mashnouq said.

Hariri had shocked Lebanon and the world when he resigned during an unusual TV broadcast from Saudi Arabia in November, citing assassination threats and blasting the policies of Iran and Hizbullah in Lebanon and the region.

After a puzzling mini-odyssey that took him to France, Egypt and Cyprus, Hariri returned to Lebanon after around two weeks and then announced the reversal of his resignation after a deal was reached with the Hizbullah-led camp on distancing Lebanon from regional conflicts.

Separately, Mashnouq announced Friday that security agencies have foiled terrorist operations that were in the preparation phase.

“I won't be revealing a secret if I say that the terrorists are renewing their sabotage cells every six months, but our men are very vigilant,” the minister reassured.

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