Gen. Aoun: We're Committed to Preserving Border Stability, Ready to Confront Any Israeli Attack


Army Commander General Joseph Aoun on Tuesday stressed that the army is “committed to preserving the stability of the southern border,” while emphasizing that the military institution stands ready to “confront any Israeli attack.”

“The Lebanese Army will carry on with the mission of defending Lebanon and safeguarding its security and stability no matter the price and sacrifices,” said Aoun during a Yarze meeting with a delegation from the Association of Arab and Foreign Military Attaches and representatives of the U.N. Truce Supervision Organization.

“Under Resolution 1701, we are committed to preserving the stability of the southern border in cooperation with U.N. forces, but at the same time, we are ready to confront any Israeli attack on Lebanon,” the Army Commander added.

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Thumb liberty 17 January 2018, 05:23

Ready to Confront Any Israeli Attack


Thumb whyaskwhy 17 January 2018, 15:15

Lol How many times have we heard that cloned joke? Lebanon has been invaded at will and these tin horn generals keep trying to boost the moral of the non existent believer that we can take on the world. In reality when we fight Israel we do take on the world....

Thumb barrymore 17 January 2018, 16:11

what a joke

Thumb shab 17 January 2018, 18:12

But helpless against the enemy within

Thumb thepatriot 18 January 2018, 03:22

Ridiculous, Pathetic, and Stupid!

Thumb s.o.s 18 January 2018, 07:21