Aoun Meets German President, Says 'Pluralistic Society Has Its Problems'


President Michel Aoun held talks Monday in Baabda with visiting German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“We care about stability in Lebanon and it is in our interest that it continues,” Steinmeier said after the talks.

“Coexistence in Lebanon is an example for the entire region and the economic and social challenges are very huge due to the Syrian refugee influx,” the German leader added.

Aoun for his part said that so far, Lebanon has failed to convince the international community to help it in the Syrian refugee file.

“But there are safe regions inside Syria to which the refugees can return,” he added.

Aoun also noted that “a pluralistic society has its problems and a homogenous society also has its problems.”

“Disagreements might erupt, but in the presence of a good will and an ability to engage in dialogue and live together we can overcome all difficulties,” the president added.

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