Hizbullah Supporter Handed Over after Shooting 2 Men in Aramoun

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Hizbullah supporter was handed over to security forces Tuesday evening after he shot and wounded two men during a personal dispute in the Aley District town of Aramoun, the National News Agency said.

NNA said the shooter, identified as Hajj Abu Fadi Nael, was handed over after the Progressive Socialist Party's leadership and MP Akram Shehayyeb communicated with Hizbullah, which “lifted the political cover off” the man.

The agency identified the injured as Jawad Bou Ghannam and Yamen Malaeb, saying they were transferred to hospital with gunshot wounds to their legs.

Nael owns a butcher shop in the area, according to NNA.

Protesters blocked the Aramoun road in the wake of the incident as the army deployed in the area to preserve security, the agency said.

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Thumb enterprise 07 February 2018, 02:20

nassrallah's shia on a killing spree as usual.

Thumb s.o.s 07 February 2018, 15:08

Yup, as always, the same people.

Missing jsphboulos 07 February 2018, 02:39

Pitty to Lebanon, it's obviously clear the country is not under control of the Lebanese security forces. Our government is the laughing stock of the civilized world.

Thumb liberty 07 February 2018, 03:12

If the criminal was anyone but a shia, would high level contacts had to be made to have him turn himself in?

But of course hezbollah is defending Lebanon from Israeli aggression and US-Saudi-Takfiri schemes;)

Thumb liberty 07 February 2018, 03:16

The criminal was not a 'supporter' of the terror militia but one of its terror 'officials'

سُجل مساء الثلثاء استنفار كبير في القرى الدرزية، وتجمع اكثر من 400 شاب في دوحة عرمون، رغم محاولات “التقدمي الاشتراكي” ضبط الوضع، على خلفية الاشكال الذي وقع بين شابين واحد مسؤولي “حزب الله” في عرمون.

وقد امهل “حزب الله” الأهالي نصف ساعة لاخلاء الطرقات، مهدداً بالتدخل الى جانب سرايا المقاومة.

وأفادت معلومات خاصة لموقع “القوات اللبنانية” بأن النائبين اكرم شهيب ووائل ابو فاعور توجها الى الضاحية الجنوبية لبيروت، للقاء قيادات من “حزب الله”، لضبط الوضع في عرمون.

ويسجل استنفار لـ”حزب الله” وحركة “أمل” في القماطية.

Thumb s.o.s 07 February 2018, 15:07

He was handed over just on time for the next amnesty law.

Missing incorruptible 07 February 2018, 03:49

Hmmmm... and I thought they were untouchable...

Thumb warrior 07 February 2018, 03:54

hmmmm.... and what is your point ya 'Christian' from Metn?

Thumb sevilla 07 February 2018, 04:43

the shia troll's point is that his hezbollah and its shia thugs are not above the law and they are treated just like any other Lebanese citizen.

Thumb eagledawn 07 February 2018, 07:02

lol @ 'I thought';)

are you even capable of thinking? The ability to think is a gift given only to humans.

Thumb ashtah 07 February 2018, 07:36

so you think this tragedy proved to you they were 'touchable'?

What a derelict of a creature!

Thumb warrior 07 February 2018, 03:56

That is how you build a strong state: you need two MPs/ministers to go to dahieh and sit down with the iranian terrorists to convince them to hand over an assailant.

Thumb eagledawn 07 February 2018, 07:01

nassrallah fans killing Lebanese civilians yet again.

Thumb janoubi 07 February 2018, 13:33

Change and Reform Urges Hizbullah to Show 'Commitment to State-Building'

and they just demonstrated their commitment above.

Thumb whyaskwhy 07 February 2018, 16:41

The good news is that Kizballah handed the criminal over.

Thumb eagledawn 07 February 2018, 16:49

The better news is that he will be out in no time.