Qassem: Lebanon Can't Be Strong without Hizbullah


Hizbullah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem on Saturday said Hizbullah will always confront the “attempts of Israel and the United States to subordinate Lebanon” to its policies, affirming that Lebanon “can't be strong without Hizbullah.”

“Hizbullah is the pillar of modern Lebanon. Lebanon can't be strong and stable without this pillar which has become an integral part of building the institutions, drawing the future, maintaining independence and prevention of occupation,” said Qassem at a ceremony in Nabatieh.

“The United States is trying to subordinate Lebanon to its Israeli policy, but Hizbullah is an obstacle to Israel and America, which spares no effort to attack us and impose sanctions on us,” he added.

Qassem stressed that Hizbullah “confronts the occupation and interferes in the parliamentary elections in order to represent our people, but America intervenes in these elections in order to reduce the number of our deputies and blocs.”

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Thumb Maxx 10 March 2018, 16:57

Lebanon cannot exist as a free nation with Hizb.

Default-user-icon disgusted (Guest) 10 March 2018, 17:20

a pig... aoun and hariri are his tools...

Thumb liberty 11 March 2018, 00:13

lol @ the AUB graduate

Thumb barrymore 12 March 2018, 13:14

“Hizbullah is the pillar of modern Lebanon"

What is modern about you and your iranian ideology: Your iranian appearance, your religious customs, your support of women, your drug dealing, your money laundering, your terror activities and massacres of civilians?

Filthy Iranian

Thumb ashtah 12 March 2018, 14:41

A certified terrorist and modern Lebanon just don't go together.

Thumb eagledawn 13 March 2018, 12:19

Shiisim at its most shameless!