Report: Oil a Deterrent Weapon of Israeli Hostility against Lebanon


The chances of an Israeli aggression against Lebanon have become “minimal” due to the “political confusion” Israel is witnessing internally, and due to its will to protect its oil excavation platforms adjacent to Lebanon from any possible strike in case of an assault, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Tuesday.

“One of the Western ambassadors has asserted that Lebanon should not fear any Israeli military action, or more precisely the chances of Israeli aggression is very weak,” a political source who spoke on condition of anonymity told the daily.

He said “this is due to several reasons. First, is the political confusion Israel is witnessing, and secondly and most important is the oil weapon which has become a deterrent weapon.

“Since Israel started the excavation of oil from fields adjacent to Lebanon, it fears its oil platforms might be targeted in case of an assault against Lebanon. A Katyusha rocket worth 10,000 dollars could disrupt oil platforms worth 200 million dollars,” he added.

Israel has major gas fields off its northern coast and is building valuable infrastructure to get the fuel out of the ground and onto land, all within range of Hizbullah rockets.

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Missing un520 13 March 2018, 14:29

Only Hezbollah would be stupid enough to risk a giant oil spill flooding in on our shores. At least Israel would have the will and the means to clean their beaches up, whereas we cant even clean our everyday garbage.