Nasrallah Says Party Waging Battle Against Corruption, Blames 'Authority' for Public Debt

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Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasarllah said his party is going to fight a true battle against “corruption” in the upcoming legislative elections, as he blamed Lebanon's public debt on “the side that assumed the premiership since 1992,” al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

“We are going to wage a real battle against corruption. It is going to be a new stage in the life of Hizbullah,” Nasrallah was quoted as telling Hizbullah elements during a closed-door meeting in the Bekaa region, ahead of looming parliamentary elections.

Lebanon will stage parliamentary elections under a complex proportional representation system on May 6.

The new electoral law, approved last year after years of political wrangling, is based on a proportional representation system and 15 electoral districts. It replaces the winner-takes-all system that had governed Lebanon's elections since 1943.

Nasrallah added saying “the main responsibility for the economic and public debt, which reached $80 billion, was the party that assumed the presidency of the government, in addition to the Ministry of Finance and the Council for Development and Reconstruction, in most of the years since 1992.”

Earlier, Nasrallah said in a televised appearance that Lebanon is faced with disaster if the country's public debt continues to increase.

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Thumb eagledawn 23 March 2018, 09:31

The day this evil iranian sectarian terrorist is brutally and violently murdered is the day we celebrate our true independence.

Thumb Mystic 23 March 2018, 09:49

You should come and say it out loud in Lebanon.
The same can apply for you with extreme prejudice.

Thumb janoubi 23 March 2018, 09:55

he lives in Lebanon; he is Lebanese unlike you iranian.

Thumb marcus 23 March 2018, 11:14

lol @ the POS!

Thumb s.o.s 23 March 2018, 15:53

Mofan managed to get my allahu akbarrr deleted...

Thumb ex-fpm 23 March 2018, 18:41

because he is an atheist;)!

Thumb s.o.s 23 March 2018, 18:57

Yes and he disagrees with the statement. Hassan Akbar.

Missing humble 23 March 2018, 16:26

Ebola is not only a disease, it is now!
It is great time to see their fall and demise.
Farewell and goodbye to corruption and crime.

Missing humble 23 March 2018, 16:29

I really laugh when the top corruption talks about fighting corruption.

Missing humble 23 March 2018, 16:29

I really laugh when the top corruption talks about fighting corruption.

Thumb janoubi 23 March 2018, 09:43

Nasrallah Says Party Waging Battle Against Corruption, Blames 'Authority' for Public Debt

He wants to wage battle against corruption but he is opposed to government control of the port and airport and illegal border crossings.

He blames the state for the public debt yet he wages wars that lead to our infrastructure destruction without consulting the state. Then he demands the state compensate his people and repair the damage.

He requests the state to improve the economy yet he does not help create an atmosphere conducive to investment needed to grow the economy.

He does not want refugees yet he is one of the reasons refugees are in Lebanon.

Simply put, he wants to substitute the state with his statelet.

Thumb ex-fpm 23 March 2018, 10:14

Who deprives the state from revenues related to EDL collections? Hezbollah
Who harbors and protects criminals and drug lords? Hezbollah
Who launders money and is involved in people trafficking? Hezbollah
Who has Nouh Zoaiter as one of its commanders? Hezbollah
Who controls customs and deprives the state of $2 billion in customs revenues every year? Hezbollah

The traitor holds the state responsible for all his shortcomings yet he is not accountable for any of them.

Thumb marcus 23 March 2018, 11:12

lol @ Nasrallah Says

Thumb takiyyah 23 March 2018, 18:55

"Nasrallah Says Party Waging Battle Against Corruption"

Thumb s.o.s 23 March 2018, 18:58

All mites do.

Thumb shab 23 March 2018, 20:59

Party of filth, death and destruction

Thumb whyaskwhy 23 March 2018, 21:51

Kizballah is a contradiction in terms to start with, its is not only a illegal entity in Lebanon but it hordes the largest amount of illegal organisations under its terror umbrella. There has not been a singular organisation that has amassed so much through corruption and yet the bearded goat is being hypocritical when he says hes against corruption. What a joke in any civilized nation he would be behind bars.

Thumb warrior 24 March 2018, 06:17

The sponsor of corruption, the guardian of criminals, the godfather of drug lords, the master of lies and deceit is lecturing the nation on virtue.