Report: Hizbullah Eyeing ‘Key’ Share in Cabinet


Hizbullah party is reportedly eyeing an increased share in Lebanon’s new government amid reports it could “foil its formation” shall Prime Minister Saad Hariri respond to the U.S. “veto” against the party, Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat daily reported on Saturday.

Hizbullah, “will not accept to get the so called non-service-related ministerial portfolios like it did in previous governments,” said the daily.

The ministries of Youth and Sports, Administrative Development, State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs and the Industry Ministry have been allocated to Hizbullah ministers in previous governments.

The daily quoted sources close to the party who said: “This time, Hizbullah is eyeing service-related ministerial portfolios in order to serve the people and fight corruption,” noting that the party's share should be three ministers if the Shiite portfolios were six.

The sources said the party “categorically rejects” any bid to distance it from the government, and that its political team enjoys a majority in parliament.

On the US sanctions on Iran and Hizbullah and their effect on lining Lebanon’s new government, they said that “there will be no government shall PM Hariri respond to the American veto...even if the government was formed, it will not get the confidence vote,” according to the daily.

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Missing phillipo 19 May 2018, 11:43

So to understand what Hizaballah is trying to do is simple.
It knows quite well that if the new PM gives it service-related portfolios, the US will boycott the government and Lebanon as a whole. Then they will turn round and claim that as the goverment is already boycotted, they might as well take over completely.

Thumb illiterate-Southern 19 May 2018, 15:10

Thank you Southern for explaining the fundamentals of governance. I did study Effective Governance last year in College but it was no where near how you explained it just now.

You introduced social skills, service, and algebra on top of Israel and Terrorism! Many Thanks, seriously.

Thumb insider 19 May 2018, 15:41

mdr !!!

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 19 May 2018, 22:11

"foreign, interior and defense ministerial portfolios to be given to Hizbullah".. Patty bruh, where did you pull these portfolios from, Uranus? According to this "Hizbullah is eyeing service-related ministerial portfolios in order to serve the people and, LOL, fight corruption and will not accept to get the so called non-service-related ministerial portfolios.." and you manged to pick the top three portfolios that are the least service-related and three wizarat siyadieh to boot. I really feel bad pointing this out to you as you have obviously put a lot of work and though into this nonsense complete with asterisks bullet point and everything. I have to ask Pat me boy, have you ever been to Lebanon? Do you even know what are considered service-related ministerial portfolios ie wizarat khadamatieh in Lebanon? Did you come up with this drivel on your own or did someone tell you to post it. Just wondering.

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 May 2018, 23:56

They all ready have the county in their back pocket. What we will see is that power corrupts and absolute power will corrupt them absolutely. They are all the same this year 8ts kizballa in ten years it will be someone else wanting to dominate this sad little country.

Thumb shab 21 May 2018, 12:55

Filthy murdering militia