Report: Israeli Raids Hit Hizbullah Positions in Syria


Israeli airstrikes have reportedly hit military positions of Hizbullah in Syria’s western region of Qalamoun, Sky News Arabia reported on Tuesday.

It said on Twitter quoting “activists” that air raids believed to be Israeli, have struck Hizbullah military positions and an arms depots in the western region of Qalamoun in Syria.”

The strike came around 5:00 am according to reports.

The sources said that violent explosions rocked the area near Assal al-Ward and were caused by Israeli raids on the party.

The reports could not be confirmed, it added.

Around 500 Iranian military advisers and members of Hizbullah, are deployed in the south of Syria.

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Missing un520 05 June 2018, 10:29

Hezbollah cant seem to find a proper response to these Israeli air raids that has become a routine by now. They just have to sit back and accept it, as the alternative is a full scale war that will get them bombed into oblivion.

Missing phillipo 05 June 2018, 10:38

These of course is another solution for Hizballah. Get the hell out of Syria.

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 05 June 2018, 14:32

phillipo u want a lebanese citizenship? President Aoun is giving them away like we're going out of business.

Thumb eagledawn 05 June 2018, 10:41

"Mystic 16 hours ago
This is the era of the Resistance."

The difference between Hezbollah and Israel zionists, is that hezb dies with happiness"

Missing un520 05 June 2018, 11:06

And we are happy with them :-)

Thumb marcus 05 June 2018, 10:44

Good Riddance

Thumb janoubi 05 June 2018, 12:02

Expecting a response by hezbollah in the 'heart of occupied Palestine' anytime now!

14 May 2018, 17:56

Nassrallah revealed that Israel was warned via a foreign state that “the next response would be in the heart of occupied Palestine".

Thumb ashtah 05 June 2018, 12:59


Thumb shab 05 June 2018, 22:55


Thumb s.o.s 05 June 2018, 13:03

how much bitxslapping can they take? this is the 150th air raid on them since 2011! they have zero dignity and pride whatsoever!

Thumb galaxy 05 June 2018, 16:13

more fertilizer
good job

Thumb whyaskwhy 05 June 2018, 17:28

Laugh as much as you like any moment now Kizballah is going to take over Israel, Ireland and the Outer Hebrides in response to this unwarranted attack on their peace emissaries in Syria. Reports from Israel indicate that the airports and ports are full of Isreali citizens leaving the occupied lands and immigrating to Australia fearing the threats of the mighty bearded goat of Kizballah.
All joking aside though just imagine the level of sophistication of the average moped rider in el Shiya7 listening to the bearded goat threaten yet again the destruction of Israel to no avail. How gullible can they be? its safe to assume that their minds are so indoctrinated that they would on orders simply march themselves into a brick wall while their headbands were set on fire....happily doing so too!

Thumb ice-man 05 June 2018, 18:32

How Sad....
How Tragic....

I would never be able to understand such unwarranted hostility towards our resistance in Syria. To die such a horrible death or to lose a limb or an eye or to get mutilated is something unimaginable to us supporters of these men of god who have dedicated their lives to resistance, drugs, kidnappings, and liberation.

Thumb shab 05 June 2018, 23:06

Filthy murdered militia ...lool

Thumb warrior 06 June 2018, 09:30

Straight to Hell

Thumb Knight 07 June 2018, 05:56

body bags and more of it

Missing phillipo 07 June 2018, 17:10

abe_Lincolnstein 2 days ago 06
phillipo u want a lebanese citizenship? President Aoun is giving them away like we're going out of business
No thanks - I've got British