Report: Contacts Gain Momentum to Counter Cabinet Formation Delay

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Contacts have gained momentum between Lebanon’s senior officials in a bid to address several pressing issues mainly the delay in Cabinet formation after the Premier and Speaker’s return from their vacations abroad, media reports said Tuesday.

Separate meetings between Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, President Michel Aoun and Speaker Nabih Berri were held on Monday, al-Joumhouria daily said.

Furthermore, Berri is expected to hold more talks with Hariri on Tuesday to discuss the delay in government formation, said the daily.

In parallel, Progressive Socialist Party leader former MP Walid Jumblat dispatched his representatives for talks with Berri and Hariri, reiterating the PSP’s “right to allocate all three Druze ministerial seats.”

Dispatched by Jumblat, former MP Ghazi al-Aridi met with Berri, while former MP Wael Abu Faour met with Hariri on Monday.

Jumblat’s son and heir Taymour Jumblat made a statement shortly after, stressing the PSP’s right to allocate all three Druze seats.

Going with the talks momentum, an evening meeting between Hariri and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, dispatched by Berri, reviewed the obstacles “preventing the resumption of discussions in the government formation, and his (Berri) intention to call for a general parliament meeting to elect the members of parliamentary committees and discuss the reasons delaying the Cabinet line-up,” said the daily.

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Thumb blablablablabla 10 July 2018, 13:11

Meanwhile again, an official statement of the ISF:
Lebanese internal security forces
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Thumb warrior 11 July 2018, 09:07

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