Suzanne al-Hajj to Appear Before Permanent Military Court

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The former head of the Internal Security Forces anti-cyber crime bureau, Lt. Col. Suzanne al-Hajj, will appear before the Permanent Military Court on Tuesday as a criminal defendant, LBCI station said on Monday.

Al-Hajj, and hacker Elie Ghabash, are accused of “fabricating” a spying for Israel case against Lebanese comedian Ziad Itani.

Itani was detained in November 2017 on charges of “collaborating with Israel.”

He was released in March 2018 after 109 days in detention, after which an arrest warrant was issued for al-Hajj.

Al-Hajj and Ghabash were arrested on suspicion of fabricating electronic evidence to “frame” Itani.

Media reports said al-Hajj had asked the hacker to fabricate a case against Itani to take revenge on him for posting a screenshot of a 'like' she had placed on a tweet by controversial TV director Charbel Khalil.

The 'like' cost al-Hajj her job as head of the ISF anti-cybercrime unit.

Media reports have said that al-Hajj and Ghabash are involved in other hacking attacks.

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Thumb galaxy 03 September 2018, 12:07

The Best punishment is to reverse all the plastic surgery she had done and show the Before and After.

Missing womendoc 03 September 2018, 22:18


Thumb s.o.s 03 September 2018, 12:59

will she appear in front of the corrupt military court without her hair dyed?

Thumb ashtah 03 September 2018, 15:13

You meant 'injustice' will prevail and she will be set free unless you are aouni.

Thumb s.o.s 03 September 2018, 15:33

Another alias of southern and his multiple identities.

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 September 2018, 16:15

Justice in Lebanon is in the hands of Orange and Kizballah which one are you referring to Batriotic?

Thumb marcus 03 September 2018, 17:47

This corrupt bad example should be made to share a cell in Roumieh with every innocent man she framed.

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 September 2018, 19:05

I think they suffered enough Marcus than have to see her conniving face in the morning.

Thumb sevilla 04 September 2018, 05:11

yep that is why she was made Lt Colonel ya irani

Thumb warrior 04 September 2018, 05:58

You wouldn't know justice if it walked up and bit your nose off!