ISF Foils Drug Smuggling Attempt to Egypt


The Internal Security Forces police announced a big win on Friday after arresting six people on charges of smuggling “massive amounts” of drugs from Lebanon to Egypt.

In a statement, ISF said the bust is a result of drug investigations and continuous drug suppression efforts that resulted in the arrest of two suspects, a Turkish national identified as M.Y and Lebanese Aa.Z, in the Keserwan area of Okaibe.

They were preparing to smuggle “massive amounts of cannabis from Lebanon to Egypt via sea,” the ISF statement said.

The Turkish suspect admitted that he had smuggled drugs from Lebanon to Egypt between the year 1978 until the early nineties.

In July, he said he returned to Lebanon for a new operation to smuggle “massive amounts of drugs to Egypt” and that he made contacts with four Lebanese individuals to assist him. They were all arrested by the police in Beirut's Cola and Salim Salam neighborhoods and in the Bekaa town of Douris.

They detainees have all admitted to the charges.

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Thumb galaxy 21 September 2018, 10:43

Erdogan-Rouhani alliance is translated in Lebanon: A Turkish drug smuggler and Shia Drug dealers working hand-in-hand.

Thumb s.o.s 21 September 2018, 18:49

These smugglers refused to pay hizbala for protection (understand giving them a cut) hence their arrest. Abbas Ibrahim is no saint, he is also running a parallel business.