Two Killed, Several Wounded in Water Tank Explosion in Nabatieh


Two individuals have died and more than sixteen were wounded when a hot water tank exploded in the southern town of Nabatieh, the National News Agency reported on Thursday.

NNA said the explosion took place at a sweets factory that killed a woman. A man sustaining serious injuries had succumbed to his wounds after he was taken to hospital.

The blast set a fire at the factory and damaged nearby shops and vehicles.

Security forces opened investigations into the incident.

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Thumb blablablablabla 18 October 2018, 14:22

According to Netanyahu and his SOS terrorist Troll, it is Hezbollah fault

Thumb s.o.s 18 October 2018, 15:57

God's wrath!

I was in Nabatiye last week, I only saw weird and fishy people.