Army Rehearsals Blamed for Hours of Traffic Congestion in Beirut


Commuters got stranded in their cars for long hours on Friday morning when several streets to the capital Beirut were closed for army rehearsals ahead of Independence Day.

The entrances into Beirut witnessed heavy traffic congestion, which led to a complete halt to the western and eastern routes of the highway, said the National News Agency,

This is due to military training in preparation for the military parade on Independence Day.

Other streets inside the capital were no better.

Angry drivers waited for long hours behind their wheels. They told reporters that the State is to blame for “shortening.” Others took to social media where they posted photos of long queues of vehicles.

The army leadership issued a statement later during the day and apologized for the inconvenience.

The army had issued a statement a few days ago --which several people said had no knowledge of-- saying that some roads in Beirut will be closed for the training.

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Missing thatisit 16 November 2018, 12:46

so this army and people training
next round .. army resistance and people (golden ratio..yikes), then no one will be able to go anywhere..PLEASE DEAR GOD .HELP US

Thumb s.o.s 16 November 2018, 18:02

There’s no resistance in Lebanon, at least not the one you’re referring to, they are terrorists just like Daesh. Would you label Daesh as Iraqi and Syrian resistance? They share 99% of their DNA, the 1% difference is minor just like flags and logo.