Bassil Says Syria 'Biggest Gap' in Arab Summit, Regrets 'Absence of Any State'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil has described Syria's absence as the “biggest gap” in the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit that kicked off in Beirut on Friday.

“We must embrace Syria instead of throwing it into the hands of terrorism, without awaiting a permission from anyone for its return” to the Arab League, said Bassil at the summit's opening session at Beirut's Phoenicia Hotel.

“Syria is the biggest gap in our conference today and we feel the heaviness of its absence,” he added.

And thanking “every state that has attended, at any level, despite the bad circumstances surrounding our region and country,” Bassil lamented “the absence of any state” and regretted that “we, as Arabs, do not know how to preserve each other.”

“We rather excel in alienating each other and weakening ourselves through losing each other,” the FM decried.

“I thank you all because you are here and because you still believe in Lebanon and the Arab League despite the failure that is hitting us,” Bassil went on to say.

At the opening of the session, the minister had asked his Arab counterparts to “observe a moment of silence in tribute to the souls of the martyr Rafik Hariri and all presidents, PMs and citizens in Lebanon and the victims of terrorism in the Arab world.”

Marred by weak representation amid the absence of the majority of Arab heads of states, the summit has also been surrounded by controversy at the domestic Lebanese level in connection with the participation of Libya and Syria.

Syria is not attending the summit seeing as its membership of the Arab League is still suspended.

Libya has meanwhile decided to boycott it in protest at an “insult” addressed to its flag which was removed from a pole near the summit's venue and eventually burned at the hands of supporters of Speaker Nabih Berri's AMAL Movement. Threats were also addressed to the Libyan delegation and a number of Libyan businessmen were reportedly barred from entering Lebanon via Beirut's airport.

Berri and AMAL have protested against the invitation of Libya in connection with the 1978 disappearance of AMAL founder Imam Moussa al-Sadr, a revered Shiite cleric. The former regime of slain Libyan leader Moammar al-Gadhafi is accused of kidnapping him. Berri and AMAL have argued that the new Libyan authorities have not exerted enough efforts to unveil his fate.

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Thumb justice 18 January 2019, 15:42

Why don't you go live in Syria you traitor! After what Syria did to Lebanon, its economy, and its citizens this lowlife is championing the criminal Syrian regime's cause. This is the 'Strong Lebanon' coalition and the 'Strong President's administration'.


Thumb ___flamethrower___ 18 January 2019, 16:16

Best Syrian Foreign Minister, ever!

Thumb galaxy 18 January 2019, 16:21

Does this criminal know the Lebanese judiciary indicted Syria's intelligence in the bombing of the twin mosques that killed and injured hundreds of Lebanese?

Does this thug know Syria sent Michel Smaha with a carload of explosives to assassinate Lebanese religious and political leaders?

Does this lowlife know there are thousands of Lebanese citizens missing in Syria's jails?

Thumb marcus 18 January 2019, 16:30

This character and his father-in-law are the cancer that is killing whatever is left of Lebanon.

Thumb Mrknowitall 18 January 2019, 16:39

The irony is that he can't wait for his father-in-law to die.

Thumb s.o.s 19 January 2019, 05:40

This should interest you!

Thumb justin 18 January 2019, 16:36

You love Syria so much, GO to Syria and spare us your treacherous diatribe!

Thumb ashtah 18 January 2019, 16:39

Bassil Says Syria 'Biggest Gap' in Arab Summit

poor thing, he feels the void.

Thumb doodle-dude 18 January 2019, 18:11

a void as deep as blablablabla's luv tunnel

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 18 January 2019, 16:58

What gap and what void?! He has 1.5 million syrian 'refugees' and that does not seem to be enough for this syrian agent.

Missing rabiosa 18 January 2019, 17:08

I always maintain that agreement between FPM and Hizbos to give them legitimacy is what has brought us to the present state of affairs. if they had stayed where they should've been the Hizbos would've been so weak that probably they won't exist by now.

Thumb s.o.s 18 January 2019, 17:14

He’s a sellout.

Thumb janoubi 18 January 2019, 17:33

why is this scumbag chairing the summit and not the president or the prime minister? Is this the Aoun republic or the Lebanese Republic?

Thumb norma-jean 18 January 2019, 18:06

1 hour ago Bassil: We have raised the issue of women's rights.

This psychopath is the last person on earth to talk about women's rights. He cheats on his wife and has treated Lebanon's top female diplomat like a piece of meat. It is time for all Lebanese women to march on the Foreign ministry and grab this sociopath by the basketballs and hang him in Martyr's square.

Enough is Enough!

Thumb doodle-dude 18 January 2019, 18:12

"He cheats on his wife" because she is one meter shorter than him.

Thumb enterprise 18 January 2019, 18:21

How tall is his wife? 45 cm?

Thumb s.o.s 18 January 2019, 20:12

I prefer the old name, Cannon Square because tsarina Catherine the great left a Cannon there to show her country’s power 3 centuries ago. Why am I saying this? Because should meet the same fate as False Dmitry I.

Wiki describes it well:
On the morning of 17 May 1606, ten days after Dmitry's marriage to Tsarina Marina, a massive number of boyars and commoners stormed the Kremlin. Tsar Dmitry tried to flee, jumping out a window, but fractured his leg in the fall. He fled to a bathhouse and attempted to disappear within, but was recognized and dragged out before the populace by the boyars, who killed the tsar lest he successfully muster an appeal to the crowd. His body was put on display and then cremated, with the ashes allegedly shot from a cannon towards Poland. According to Palitsyn, Dmitry's death was followed by the massacre of his supporters. Palitsyn boasted in his chronicle that "a great amount of heretical blood was spilled on the streets of Moscow."

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 January 2019, 18:26

history will not be kind to him or his party. How many agent orange members and supporters remember how many Lebanese were killed in Baabda by Syrias intervention and how that was the key for Syria to control Lebanon in its entirety as an aftermath? How many agent orange members remember the hundreds of students who were arrested for revolting against the regimes security apparatuses in Lebanon? how many can even remember the name of one or more Lebanese who rotted in prison in Syria at the bequest of the same brutal regime this dweeb no pne who is now a minister in Lebanon? History does not forgive and facts will not be covered up in this day and age of information.

Thumb roflmfao 18 January 2019, 18:33

Dudes.. don't look now.. but the biggest gap.. is the empty space.. between the midget-in-law's ears... It's a gap wider.. than the Grand Canyon... I got a feeling that anytime now.. a Knievel might decide to jump across it.. Clémentine SAL will be in charge of promotion.. OTV will carry the pay per view..

Missing cedars 19 January 2019, 03:41

No you can't practice civil engineering to rebuild Syria when you loose the presidency no matter how much licking you do to the Assad terrorist regime. Why? Because those will pour money to do the rebuilding is not the sanctioned Iran or Russia but rather the gulf Arab countries.