Qaouq: Saudi Normalization with Israel Encourages Israel to Attack Lebanon


Hizbullah central council member Sheikh Nabil Qaouq on Sunday accused Saudi Arabia of “normalization with Israel,” warning that such a move would “encourage Israel to attack Lebanon again.”

“Arab-Israeli ties are a treason against Palestine, and if Gulf normalization has failed Palestine, Saudi normalization with the Israeli enemy is the most treacherous, because Saudi Arabia is the country of the two holy mosques,” Qaouq said.

“This normalization represents a real threat to Arab national security and an encouragement for Israel to attack Lebanon again,” the Hizbullah official warned, stressing that “there is no place for (Lebanon’s self-declared policy of) dissociation towards the Saudi normalization with Israel.”

“Lebanon will be hurt the most, because this normalization will affect our security and oil and gas rights, especially that this Gulf stance encourages Israel to carry out further aggression and emboldens it against us,” Qaouq went on to say.

He added: “How can Saudi Arabia claim to be Lebanon’s friend as it emboldens Israel against it? This stance has nothing to do with friendship and Arabism, and if normalization is a sin, the bigger sin comes from the Saudi regime,” the Hizbullah official said.

His remarks come after a visit to Beirut by a senior Saudi official who pledged strong support for Lebanon.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office has leaked a video of Gulf Arab ministers slamming Iran during a closed-door session of a Middle East conference in Warsaw.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states which do not recognize Israel sent top diplomats to attend this week's conference alongside Netanyahu, something the prime minister and his U.S. ally have talked up as a new regional axis against Iran.

Though Saudi Arabia and Israel have no official diplomatic ties, they share a determination to limit the expansion of Iranian influence in the Middle East.

Netanyahu praised the conference organized by Washington in the Polish capital as a "historical turning point" for the region.

"An Israeli prime minister and the foreign ministers of the leading Arab countries stood together and spoke with unusual force, clarity and unity against the common threat of the Iranian regime," he told reporters on Thursday.

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Thumb galaxy 17 February 2019, 15:50

“Arab-Israeli ties are a treason against Palestine, and if Gulf normalization has failed Palestine, Saudi normalization with the Israeli enemy is the most treacherous, because Saudi Arabia is the country of the two holy mosques,” Qaouq said.

But Israel unlike Iran never said it wants to occupy the land of the two holy mosques.

Thumb s.o.s 17 February 2019, 17:01

Did he forget that Amal was rearmed by Israel when they invaded Lebanon in 1982? They liberated the Shia from the PLO....

Missing greatpierro 17 February 2019, 16:49

We want peace and no more war. Yes for normalization with normalization with Israel. The Palestinians best bet is to accept their defeat and obtain peace at whatever price. What matters is that people live in peace and prosperity and not perpetuate an endless conflict which will only create more miseries and losses.

Thumb s.o.s 17 February 2019, 16:59

There can’t be peace without justice. Moreover, Palestinians need to be compensated. Jewish owned properties in Lebanon still belong to them, even if they migrated to the West or Israel....

Missing phillipo 17 February 2019, 21:06

Except in 1948, Israel has never attacked the Lebanese Armed Forces, but only those belonging to terrorist organisations, and I very much doubt that this situation will change.
"Most Arab countries "talk with Israel" in one form or the other." That is how disputes between countries have been settled for hundreds of years. You don't negotiate with your friends but with your "enemies".
As it was the religious leaders in Lebanon who called for the Arabs of Galilee to leave their homes whilst the Arab Armies wipe out Israel within a month and they could then return to their homes, the claim for compensation should be sent to them.

Thumb Mrknowitall 17 February 2019, 17:25

There's no place for dishonesty and bullshite speeches, or how Qatar just magically disappeared from their narrative. Iran's self interest still directs their sermons regardless.

Missing rabiosa 17 February 2019, 17:53

Most Arab countries "talk with Israel" in one form or the other. It's all out in the open. Not how now they don't criticize Qatar who they used to accuse of normalizing and meeting with I sareleis. Only thing left is an official declaration and swapping ambassadors.

All Islamist, Leftists, socialists and communists everywhere have used "the Palestinian cause" to death to justify their continued eternal war. The Palestinian people have been used an have suffered as much from the Israelis as these groups..

Thumb whyaskwhy 17 February 2019, 23:27

El Qa3q el qawooq forgot to mention that Iran was a huge trader with Israel. Furthermore if iran wants to truly fight Israel what's stopping them from doing so from their soil? No sane person believes a word that comes out of this bigots mouth especially when he claims kizballah wants to liberate Palestine. Can anyone here even remember the last time kizballah launched an attack on Israel??