Zoaiter Says 'Missing' Swiss Arms Imported for His Guards

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

After Switzerland’s announcement it is freezing arms exports to Lebanon over missing weapons it sold to a Lebanese minister, former Public Works Minister Ghazi Zoaiter said on Friday the arms are “at his possession and all that Switzerland needs to do is communicate with him.”

In remarks he made to al-Akhbar daily, Hermel MP Zoaiter said he bought the weapons back in 2016 from his own money for his guards located at his two houses in Beirut and in Bekaa’s Hermel-Baalbek. He was a minister back then.

According to al-Akhbar, Zoaiter said that last year, when the Swiss military attaché in Beirut arrived for a post-shipment verification of the weapons, he only verified nine weapons in the possession of his companions in Beirut. However, he reportedly did not wish to move to Bekaa to check on the other weapons under the “pretext of time constraints."

He reiterated that the weapons, “bought for his personal security, exist and all the Swiss party has to do is communicate with him to arrange a verification visit.”

On Thursday, Switzerland said it is halting arms exports to Lebanon due to “inability to account for a Swiss shipment of weapons to Lebanon.”

The Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon told LBCI that her country in 2016 has exported 10 assault rifles and 30 sub-machine guns to a Lebanese minister, whom she declined to name, but post-shipment verification in March 2018 was only able to verify nine.

Switzerland raised concerns that the weapons might end up in “undesirable hands” which “justifies the freeze.”

Later on Friday, the Swiss embassy issued a statement saying that "the decision was taken after a Post-Shipment Verification (PSV) in March 2018 concerning an arms export was unsuccessful."

"This PSV did not concern the Republican Guard nor the Lebanese Armed Forces. The two previous PSV’s in 2013 and in 2015 – including the verification of an export to the Republican Guard – were completed successfully," it confirmed.

A statement issued by Zoaiter's office meanwhile said the weapons were purchased “in light of the dangerous security threats that the country was facing in 2016, especially the terrorist attacks on the eastern border adjacent to the Baalbek-Hermel province,” stressing that he bought them with his own money and not that of the treasury.

“We confirm that the aforementioned weapons are in the possession of MP Ghazi Zoaiter's bodyguards,” the statement said, adding that “the Swiss embassy has refused to make a visit to inspect them.”

“They should communicate with us to set up a visit to inspect them and do what is required,” the office added.

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Missing un520 22 February 2019, 14:16

He just needs a few days to collect them back from his fellow clan members...

Thumb doodle-dude 22 February 2019, 14:18

Switzerland should have inspected blablablablabla's deep and wide luv tunnel for the missing weapons. It is not unusual for verile Swiss men to deposit their valuables in his tunnel. It is a safe haven of mystery and pleasure.

Thumb justin 22 February 2019, 16:23


Thumb s.o.s 22 February 2019, 14:51

So the Swiss weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists and drug dealers from the Hermel.

Thumb roflmfao 22 February 2019, 15:22

Dudes.. I got great exiting news... Now that the issue of the Swiss arms has been settled.. Victorinox.. the Swiss Army Knife company.. has issued.. a commemorative Swiss Army Knife.. it's dubbing.. The Super Drugdealer®... It has the traditional blade.. scissors.. nail file.. corkscrew.. toothpick and tweeters.. and exclusive specialty tools never offered before.. The Super Drugdealer® also has.. a mini digital scale.. a razor blade.. a small mirror.. a short straw.. a lighter.. a spoon.. and comes in a pipi yellow finish.. with a puke green logo.. and a this is a first folks.. instead of the traditional Swiss cross.. the logo will be.. a crescent and a riffle inside a Persian shield... Another first.. The Super Drugdealer® Swiss Army Knife .. will be manufactured exclusively.. in a purpose built workshop.. overlooking the beautiful Caspian sea.. in the city of Nur, the Islamic Republic of Iran... Get yours today.. available at Karout Grand Stores and other fine establishment...

Thumb whyaskwhy 22 February 2019, 19:13

Just goes to emphasis how the banana republic works, each person who has wasta and money especially if you associated with Kizballah or under their tutelage can order weapons from whomever is willing to sell. This means that heading towards every party associated with Kizballah is ordering weapons so they obviously can deter Israel right? or more accurately said be prepared to fight non aligned Lebanese parties. Were sadly repeating the pre 75 civil war days where on one Side the Palestinians were importing arms and arming the left wing, while the Right wing Kataeb and Ahrar were doing the same thing through their sources that included the Lebanese Army. Were back to the future....