Berri Says Government Has No Choice Other Than to Work


After a heated debate in the Cabinet earlier this week that disrupted hopes for harmony among its components, Speaker Nabih Berri on Saturday said the government has no choice but to work hard in order to resolve a number of pressing issues, al-Joumhouria daily reported.

“The government is destined to work. The return of Syrian refugees issue must be addressed as fast as possible,” he said, referring to the contentious issue that triggered the debate during the government's first meeting after gaining confidence.

“The government has no choice but to work, and it has to work mainly because it can not ignore the speeches of lawmakers made in the confidence session that focused on one enemy of Lebanon which is corruption. The government has to work as a team without any delay,” said Berri.

Berri did not comment on the atmospheres that prevailed during the government meeting which President Michel Aoun abruptly ended, and which witnessed a war of words among ministers over Lebanon’s ties with Syria.

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