Mustaqbal Slams 'Threats' against Donors, 'Intimidation' of Lebanese


Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday condemned what it described as recent “threats” against the international donors who took part in the Brussels conference on refugees, in an apparent jab at Free Patriotic Movement chief and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil.

“The escalation of political stances will not contribute to addressing the current economic, social and financial problems,” the bloc said in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

“To the contrary, it represents a blatant obstruction of the (political) settlement, stability and political and ministerial solidarity,” Mustaqbal added.

Turning to the controversy over the latest international conference on refugees, the bloc said “the Brussels III conference was the best and most successful conference of the past three years, whether in terms of the intended aid or the funds that were earmarked to cope with the burden of the Syrian refugee presence in the neighboring countries, especially in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria itself.”

And hailing the “special effort” of the Lebanese delegation led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Mustaqbal underlined that “Lebanon's commitment to its pledges towards the international community and its respect of the requirements of the relations with friendly countries cannot be the subject of defiance, interpretation and media sensationalism.”

Accordingly, the bloc called for keeping the government's reform program and the results of the CEDRE conference away from “questioning, bickering and some tense stances,” slamming parties who have “threatened Lebanon's friends to reject the earmarked aid under the excuse of rejecting economic and financial tutelage.”

Bassil had on Friday announced that no one can “tempt” Lebanon with financial aid.

“To us, CEDRE is a parcel of reforms that are necessary to implement for the sake of our country, and the day someone uses them as loans in return for refugee settlement we will tell them: we don't want your loans or your refugee presence. Lebanon and its land, identity and message are more precious than all your money,” Bassil said.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 20 March 2019, 16:57

Cool good response to Orange tit for tat great. Sorry Mustaqbal but your program is about as useful as the Orange program, you have umpteen amount of ministers earning huge amounts of money to do nothing just like Orange, lets have another meeting to refute the bad state of the government....that you are a part of.