Hbeish to Submit Bill Expanding Powers of Central Inspection Bureau


Al-Mustaqbal Movement MP Hadi Hbeish said Wednesday he plans to submit a bill calling for the “expansion” of powers of the Central Inspection Bureau for “efficient fight corruption.”

In a press conference he held at the parliament, Hbeish said the CIB is not authorized to inspect several government institutions in Lebanon which makes the fight against corruption inefficient.

“Today, the CIB can not access (for example) the National Social Security Fund, the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Higher Relief Committee in addition to a large number of state institutions, municipalities and free private schools,” said Hbeish.

Moreover, commenting on the election of the Supreme Council to try presidents and ministers, Hbeish said it is better to lift diplomatic immunity off Lebanese officials instead of having a body to try them in case of corruption.

Turning to illegal employment in state institutions, the MP said “employment through ministers should be stopped and constitutional texts through the civil service council must be adopted.”

Hbeish pointed out that text reforms is divided into two steps “first, to open the door to try the political authority in the country. Second, fight corruption in state institutions by strengthening the powers of inspection bodies to include all public bodies and municipalities in the country.”

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Thumb whyaskwhy 20 March 2019, 16:54

He might as well try to ban the Wasta from our social norms!
Like this will work yeah right....