Jarrah Says 20hr Power Feed in Early 2020, Ships Not Ruled Out


Citizens will enjoy at least 20-hour per day power supply in early 2020, a minister said Wednesday after a meeting for a ministerial panel tasked with studying an electricity plan to resolve the country's chronic crisis.

“Near-complete consensus has been reached on the energy minister's plan and on the places where the temporary and permanent plants will be built as well as the generation capacity of each site,” Information Minister Jamal al-Jarrah said.

Told that the energy minister has announced that the option of renting power ships is still on the table, contrary to his announcement Tuesday that it had been dropped, Jarrah said: “If a bidder says that they could provide us with the temporary part via a ship, pending the completion of the permanent solution and with a cost less than that proposed by another bidder who intends to build an on-land plant, we will certainly discuss such an option in the committee.”

Asked when the committee expects the 20-hour threshold to be reached, the minister said: “If we approve the plan this week, we will need three to four months to approve contacts and finalize the temporary plants. This means that we would provide the 1,450 megawatts in the first months of 2020.”

The committee will hold another meeting after Thursday's cabinet session.

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Thumb marcus 03 April 2019, 21:03

"Citizens will enjoy at least 20-hour per day power supply in early 2020"

and the citizens applaud your promises and accomplishments....!

Thumb galaxy 03 April 2019, 21:14

20hr Power Feed in Early 2020

wow! that's too much!

Thumb roflmfao 03 April 2019, 21:52

If you hug yourself.. close your eyes.. tap your heels.. and wish it with all your heart.. this could happen little Jimmy!..

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 April 2019, 23:22

Or if you "Click your heels together three times and say 'There's no place like home' and you'll be there Dorothy."
The cool part of this crooks statement is agent Orange followers will believe him...again.