Sayyed: Govt. Must Target Basic Sources Where Funds are Wasted


MP Jamil al-Sayyed on Thursday said the government must collect the funds it needs to slash the budget deficit from the main sources where public funds are being wasted instead of imposing additional taxes on people.

In a televised press conference he held at the parliament, Sayyed called on the state “to go to the main sources where money is wasted instead of collecting it from the pockets of citizens.”

Lashing at the two mobile operators in Lebanon, Sayyed said: “They activate mobile services that customers are unaware of, who later find out that they are charged for services they did not request.”

“Subscribers must know the entire details before deciding what service to ask for,” he added.

The MP named three individuals “Najib Abu Hamzah, Hisham Itani and Ayman Jumaa,” whom he accused of “monopolizing” the mobile services sector in Lebanon.

He went on saying: “The amounts which the government plans to collect from (state budget) articles related to retired government employees amounts only to $40 million dollars, compared to the amounts collected for one service by the mobile service providers,” he said.

Sayyed also touched on how maritime property tax would secure sufficient funds for the treasury. Said tax imposes fines on private beaches and facilities built on the Lebanese coast and on government property.

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Missing ysurais 13 June 2019, 15:50

the draft state budget recently approved by the government as “historic,”
There are no reforms , no vision and no path for the country in this draft budget... only slashing money and taxing people..

Thumb janoubi 13 June 2019, 16:09

A criminal turned financial expert.

Missing rabiosa 13 June 2019, 16:54

Expertly said

Thumb whyaskwhy 13 June 2019, 23:02

Lol in defense of this traitor though he knows where the money is....

Thumb s.o.s 13 June 2019, 18:08

Un pays de voyous gouverné par des crapules.