Judges Announce ‘Temporary’ Suspension of Strike


The judicial community announced on Monday a temporary suspension of a strike they began a month ago over government plans to cut their financial benefits as part of an austere state budget draft.

The judges held a meeting Monday at the Justice Palace in Beirut and announced the decision.

In May, the judges declared an open strike in response to an austere state budget draft which calls for deductions from their financial benefits, and health and educational contributions.

They described any possible measure to decrease their allowances as an “attack on their rights.”

The budget proposes 10 percent annual cuts of the treasury's contribution to the judges pension fund, and deducting part of the medical aid, medicinal proceeds and educational contribution, benefiting 560 judges and about 1,200 judicial assistants.

The budget is being discussed by the Finance and Budget parliamentary committee which has introduced some changes to the draft after it was approved by the government.

The committee will later refer it to the parliament for final approval.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 17 June 2019, 22:07

The state employees you are talking about are one and the same that Berry, Kizb and other caring leaders have put in place to keep them in power. Take one away and you endanger the others existence L1. It is not going to happen under this watchful government...