U.N. Special Coordinator Visits Army Regiments in Bekaa


U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis on Tuesday visited the 6th Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Intervention Regiment and the Central Training Center for Border Management in Riyaq in eastern Lebanon as well as a watchtower of the 3rd Land Border Regiment and a LAF monitoring post at the eastern border.

“The visit falls in line with the follow up to the Rome II conference of March 2018 on the strengthening of Lebanese security institutions and the commitment of the international community to supporting the build-up of capacities and capabilities of the LAF and other security institutions,” Kubis' office said in a statement.

On the “remarkable progress on consolidation of the LAF deployment along the Eastern border,” the Special Coordinator noted that, “with sacrifices and determination, the LAF has been taking important strides in enhancing border control.”

“LAF achievements were demonstrated to me today by its work in protecting and securing the eastern border, a strong marker of the extension of the Lebanese State authority,” Kubis said.

At the 6th Intervention Regiment outpost in Suweiri, the Special Coordinator commended the “tremendous efforts” of the Lebanese army in responding to the challenges at the border, including smuggling activities and illegal entries of persons from Syria.

“While highly acknowledging the humanitarian approach of the LAF in handling cases of people smuggled into Lebanon, the Special Coordinator also noted their professionalism and firmness when dealing with illegal entries to Lebanon,” his office said.

At the Riyaq Central Training Center for Border Management, the Special Coordinator was briefed on the different trainings taking place with a view to strengthening security agencies’ capabilities and enhancing coordination among them in line with the Integrated Border Management Strategy.

Noting the “impressive achievements” of the LAF so far, the Special Coordinator underlined the importance and need of the continued and increased support both by Lebanon and by its international partners to help the country in further strengthening its border control and management.

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