40 Syrians Arrested in Batroun District


Forty Syrian nationals were arrested on Monday in the northern district of Batroun, the state-run National News Agency said.

“A patrol from the Batroun security department of the Lebanese Army's Intelligence Directorate raided Syrian gatherings in the city of Batroun, the town of Kubba and the Mseilha Fort area,” NNA said.

“It arrested forty Syrians after it turned out that they had entered Lebanon illegally,” the agency added.

“They were referred to the relevant authorities for further legal measures against them,” it said.

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Thumb blablablablabla 24 June 2019, 17:42

too bad they still didn't get you

Thumb blablablablabla 25 June 2019, 09:30

besides that your way to silent people is by beheading , still you cannot silence the truth