Widow of Suicide Bomber Held Trying to Sneak into Lebanon


The army on Wednesday announced the arrest of the widow of Mohammed al-Satem, an Islamic State militant who carried out a deadly 2014 suicide bombing in Haret Hreik.

“In the Akkar region of Wadi Khaled, the Intelligence Directorate arrested Ghinwa al-Ahmed, who is accused of belonging to the terrorist IS group and is the widow of slain terrorist Mohammed Ahmed al-Satem, a top official of the aforementioned group who went under the nom de guerre Abu Moaz,” an army statement said.

Al-Ahmed was arrested as she was trying to enter Lebanon illegally, the statement added.

A probe has since been launched under the supervision of the relevant judicial authorities.

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Missing phillipo 17 July 2019, 22:44

So in the end she still understands that Lebanon is better than ISIS.

Thumb s.o.s 17 July 2019, 23:24

LoL Pipo, i wouldn’t be so sure about your statement. Lebanon right now is hellish... and not much safer than Raqqa or Mosul in the days of ISIS. It’s most probably even much more corrupt too!

Thumb whyaskwhy 17 July 2019, 23:45

Amazing hypocrites they will fight and kill innocent people for their Gods and when the tough get going they will simply try to hide between innocent citizens who they tried to kill in the first place. Kizb does the same thing as soon as Israel gets into Lebanon...hiding in schools and in mosques