Report: Fatah 'Bans' Protests Outside Palestinian Refugee Camps


The Fatah Movement has assured on Friday that the “Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah” has given its directives to prevent any protests at the decision of the Lebanese Labor Ministry outside the premises of the Palestinian refugee camps, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

Fatah sources told the daily that only “peaceful” protests are allowed inside the camps, and that burning tires has also been banned.

“Fatah has contacted the Lebanese security agencies making it clear they did not call for a sit-in near Imam Ali Mosque in Tarik al-Jadiedh after Friday’s prayers,” they clarified.

“The directives of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership were given to cooperate fully with the security authorities to control any imbalance. The official Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue is ongoing to find a solution that satisfies all sides," concluded the sources.

Palestinian refugees protested Tuesday in the streets of Beirut and in refugee camps against the labor ministry cracking down on businesses employing foreign workers without a permit.

Last month, the ministry gave companies a one-month deadline to acquire the necessary work permits.

After the grace period expired last week, it started inspections, closing down non-compliant establishments and issuing others with warnings.

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