Lebanon Renaissance Foundation Concludes Its 6th Youth Leadership Program


As part of its efforts to promote attitude change and better governance among the Lebanese political apparatus, the Lebanon Renaissance Foundation has completed the sixth edition of the Youth Leadership Program under its motto ‘Politics is an expression of values, not power’’.

The program was concluded on June 29 over a training day focusing on Reflections on Leadership facilitated by Amin Nehme, president of the Lebanese Development Network.

The Program meant to introduce best practices of conduct and values to 22 young practitioners (aged 24 to 30) from nine Lebanese political groups: al-Marada Movement, Jamaa Islamiya, Lebanese Forces, al-Mustaqbal Movement, Free Patriotic Movement, Kataeb Party, Lebanese Democratic Party, Progressive Socialist Party and Tashnag Party.

The curriculum comprised 45 hours of lectures and simulations activities on the following themes: Personal dynamics; Government and State Building; Role and Appraisal of the Central Inspection Bureau; Political Systems and Electoral Laws; Radicalism and Religions; Role of Constitutions; Agriculture in Lebanon: Status, Threats and Opportunities; Political Activism & Citizen Values; Human Rights; Political Activism & Citizen Values; Defining and Tackling Corruption; State Budget; Oil and Gas in Lebanon; Environment Threats & Opportunities.

Attendance certificates will be remitted to those who respected the presence quota during a closing ceremony that will be held in October 2019.

Eighteen speakers shared their thoughts and experiences in fields and matters not sufficiently covered by the Lebanese political discourse. They included leading scholars, former cabinet members, activists and experts: Dr. Charbel Nahas, Dr. Nayla Tabbara, Dr. Riad Saade, Me. Malek Takieddin, Wissam Kanj, Me. Salah Honein, Justice Georges Atiyeh, Me. Ghassan Moukheiber, Dr. Alain Bifani, Dr. Ali Mourad. Dr. Sami Atallah, Dr. Ali Darwich, Serge Yazigi, Fady Bustros, Gilbert Doumit, Jean-Pierre Katrib, and training expert Rouba Fares.

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