Abdullah: No Landfills Allowed in Jiyeh


MP Bilal Abdullah stressed on Thursday that the Chouf district will not allow establishing a landfill in the Jiyeh area.

“It is enough for this town and its surroundings to bear the existing electricity plants, ships and the new electricity plant to replace the old one….!" he stressed in a tweet.

The MP added: “We agreed with Environment Minister (Fadi Jreissati), who showed understanding, to look for other solutions that will be accepted by the people of the region, and he graciously promised to support.”

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Thumb s.o.s 15 August 2019, 14:25

Don't say no to landfills if you're not willing to set up recycling plants. Because it appears you aren't against landfills but you're against them in Jiyye! This selfish sectarian mentality is the problem...

Missing samiam 15 August 2019, 16:26

No one has a solution---they are just against or for something which doesn't requite any thought on their part.

Missing charles.vaughn.961 15 August 2019, 18:16

Why can't every district keep its own garbage? Each district could have recycling or garbage landfill, but no refuse should or could be shipped to another district.

Thumb whyaskwhy 16 August 2019, 16:41

Its just the Lebanese way of life, I eat and I defecate and someone else needs to manage that its not my department. Getting them to recycle 10% of the waste would be a miracle SOS, we would see Palestine liberated 90 times before we see that number get to 90%.